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We recommend downloading your audiobook files over Wi-Fi to avoid incurring charges on your mobile data plan. Abridged audiobooks are edited versions of the original text that make for a shorter listening experience.

Unabridged audiobooks contain the full text, word for word, without any cuts. Although most audiobooks in our catalogue have an eBook equivalent, both versions are sold separately. Although the text in both formats are often identical, audiobooks typically cost more than eBooks due to additional production costs.

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Please note that prices for audiobooks and eBooks are set by publishers, and not by Kobo. My audiobook refers to pictures or other additional content. Where do I find those? Supplemental materials for audiobooks are not available at this time. An Audiobook subscription offers tremendous savings towards your favourite type of storytelling.

You can buy it from Kobo right away. Of course! You can also purchase the audiobook directly from our catalogue. The free day trial is contingent on your registration complete with payment and billing information, and your free audiobook is yours to keep, even if you cancel before the trial is complete. If you cancel and later decide to reactivate your subscription, you will not be eligible for a second day trial. No, you can purchase audiobooks from our catalogue the same way you would purchase an eBook from Kobo.

What's the difference between Kobo store credit and an audiobook credit? Kobo store credits are different from audiobook credits. You cannot use Kobo store credits to redeem audiobooks. Kobo Super Points are not earned when you exchange a credit for an audiobook, because your points will have already been issued with your recurring billing charge.

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If I top up my credit balance with three instant credits, will they count towards my monthly or yearly credits? No, the three instant credits simply top up your balance, so you can exchange them for more audiobooks than your subscription allows. No, instant credits are only offered to audiobook subscribers to top up their credit balance.

Without a subscription, you can purchase audiobooks directly from our catalogue. You can use a gift card to purchase an audiobook directly from our catalogue. Gift cards cannot be used to cover the cost of audiobook subscriptions. Free trials are only offered as part of a subscription plan.

We require your credit card information to cover your recurring subscription charges once the free trial is complete. Your mailing address is required as part of your billing information so that we can accurately charge sales tax based on where you live. Sign in on kobo. Then, select Purchase History. You can also pair your smartphone or tablet to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or similar model in your home or car, or send it to your Mac computer or Apple TV using AirPlay, and so on. The cover will appear darker for a moment while the download process begins.

Tap the cover to instantly launch the player.


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Get the Kobo App for Android Android version 4. Once your transaction is complete, your audiobook will then appear in your Kobo App for iOS. Your newly purchased audiobook will appear in your app. A note for iOS users: Do I need to wait for my audiobook to fully download before I can start listening? On your iOS smartphone or tablet, your audiobook downloads progressively, so you can start listening shortly after your download begins. On your Android smartphone or tablet, you'll need to wait for your audiobook to download fully before you can start listening. You can even listen while offline.

However, downloading an audiobook to your device may consume data. We recommend downloading over Wi-Fi to avoid incurring charges on your mobile data plan.

Kobo DRM Removal, Remove DRM from Kobo Vox EPUB PDF Files

You can cancel your audiobooks subscription any time, even if you're in the middle of your free day trial. But you can't share them because the purchased books are protected by DRM. As default, you have two ways to get Kobo books to your computer: The guide below is guaranteed to work. Now we developed out a new method that supports removing Adobe DRM directly from Kobo desktop app and Kobo e-ink devices , which saves your time much more than using ADE. With the release of Kobo desktop reading app version 3. Visit your Kobo library , where you can see all the purchased books.

The software automatically scans your Adobe Digital Edition's content folder and imports all the books if you want. And all the imported books will be immediately decrypted. When the process has been finished, you can right click on an item and choose "Explore output folder", where saves the DRM-free books. Before decryption, please make sure you can read them in Adobe Digital Editions , which is very important for your successful decryption. This is a common used method during a long time we tried, yes?

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But the good news is that there are 2 easier methods provided for you, which saves your time to find your acsm files or kepub files, and what's better, you don't have to use ADE and authorize with Adobe ID. You know, we are always meeting kinds of problems when using ADE to manage files.

Visit here to download and install please: Follow those steps to finish your installing of this app on your computer. Then you should log in with your own Kobo account. The "Library" will show up all of your purchased Kobo files. You can also choose "BookStore" to buy some books and then click "Sync". For Windows: For Mac: Finish your downloading and installing, then get it run.

From the left side you can see a "Kobo" icon. Drag books to the right then all the books' drm will be removed quickly. If you want to deal with these Kobo Kepub books deeply, you can read this article how to convert Kobo Kepub to epub. This method is pretty easy to go. Just make sure that you had a Kobo eReader and your Kobo books has been finished downloading to your device.

Get this recommend tool started. It will detect your device including all the downloaded books in it. I should tell you that the step 1 is very important. Don't forget to touch your Kobo after connected to computer, or this tool won't detect your Kobo and kobo books. This detail guide how to read Kobo on Kindle can also be a refer.

This is the only way in which you can do it. Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.