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Menubar accessible application launcher.


Download Now. Top community discussions about aLaunch Is there a better alternative to aLaunch? See discussion Is aLaunch really the best app in File Management category?

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See discussion Will aLaunch work good on macOS See discussion. Version 4. The option which can launch all the items in registration folder of Launcher window was added. Requirements for aLaunch OS X Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. Launch any application with a single menu choice or insert text snippets into your documents.

XMenu is a real app, no hack, no extension. And it's free. Applications, Developer Applications, Home, Documents, User-Defined, and Snippets - Keeps all your snippets and text modules handy - Operates as a menu extra, requires no hacks or extensions - Ideal replacement for Dock folders. This maintenance release adds retina icons and support for custom icons of aliased volumes. It also supports App Transport Security, resolves aliases faster, and installs itself into the Applications folder if necessary.


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I suspect the 1 star reviews came from people who gave up trying to figure it out faster than me. So just close that. To the left of spotlight and notification center, but to the right of the date and time. Pick Preferences.

It should be obvious how to use from this point. Seems to work as advertised to me, once you figure that out. Do you know of any up-to-date menu bar apps for checking non-Gmail inboxes? You can develop good habits to increase your mental energy reserves. The tips here are a great place to start. Switch to automated single-tasking with Hocus Focus. You can set the app to hide your inactive windows after a preset time or every time you switch to a different app. Hocus Focus allows you to set custom timers for each open application.

It puts the spotlight on the active app and acts as a dimmer switch for the inactive ones. Wish you could quit applications after a certain interval instead of hiding them? Quitter can take care of that for you. You can also hide apps with Quitter if you want to. Block time-wasting sites with the help of these tips and tools. Read More or distracting desktop applications during your workday, check out Focus. It allows you to block distractions with a single click or a keystroke.

Remove them to increase your focus and productivity. We show you the most common computer-related time suckers and how to disable or block them. Use the timer built into Focus to schedule distraction-free sessions.

The Ultimate List of Mac Menu Bar Apps

The cure is available. Here are ten ways to claw your way back. Mac has some nice third-party distraction-blocking apps such as SelfControl and Cold Turkey. This selection of timers has an option for every platform. These eight minimalist to-do list tools are for tracking your daily tasks without the fuss. Read More feature with a Pomodoro timer. The app limits you to 10 to-do items. With Workspaces, you can summon up everything you need to work on a particular project with a snap of your fingers… er… with the click of a button.

Our favorite macOS app launcher

The app allows you to bundle the resources linked with a project files, websites, emails, apps, and so on into one set. Keep a scratch pad ready in your menu bar for typing in ideas, reminders, and other bits and pieces of information. The bare-bones Tyke is perfect for the job. If you need basic Markdown support for your scratch pad, go for FiveNotes. It supports headers, bold and italicized text, lists, and quotes. Itsycal gives you a no-fuss way to create, view, and delete calendar events. Want a powerful calendar app living in your menu bar? Taking frequent short breaks Take A Break: It doesn't do anyone any good to constantly be ON, to be working, to be stressed by the rigors of everyday life.

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In the same Read More is as important for productivity as beating procrastination. TimeOut is here to remind you of that. Much like Pomodoro apps, TimeOut allows you to configure time intervals for work and play. Read More , open a specific website, or put your Mac to sleep automatically when break time starts. With the soothing sound of a Tibetan bowl, Awareness tells you that you have now used your Mac for an hour at a stretch.

That has a feel-good effect if you have immersed yourself in your work or rather ignored Facebook and email for the past hour. Awareness is only the messenger. The app gives you no-detail-left-out reports about the CPU, memory, disks, battery, sensors, and so on.

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Want weather reports and forecasts? You have them, along with information about internet downtime, high CPU usage, network traffic, and a lot more. Create rules to automate various tasks on your Mac with Hazel. You can start and stop Hazel, open the app window, and even run individual rules from the menu bar. Hazel is easier to adapt to and feels more user friendly. That includes how long it will last with the current charge, the number of charge cycles it has been through, and the status of its health.

If you want a couple more options to consider, check out Battery Monitor and Coconut Battery.