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With the recorder in the off position and connected to the USB power pack and then turning on the recorder, it records the 23 hours. If it is already on the on position, and then connected to the power bank, it stops the recording, and then starts recording once again. I believe it hung once the blue light stopped blinking and the red stayed on. Chris sent me these comments about his 3. He likes the 3 because of the low bit rate and long recording times.

I think yours might be goofy. Uploading 3 hours video of an evening engagement is hard and or impossible depending on the hotel Wi-Fi and extracting the audio and compressing is a PAIN. I like 32kbps because even HOURS of video result in a tiny file yet more than good enough to listen too. So with these no editing no compressing nothing insert stick upload audio file done: The other units you posted are unusable to me because the bitrate is too high!!

Version 4. I received a USB audio recorder that does not match the sellers eBay description. The seller said that the factory drop-shipped the wrong recorder directly to me. I have enumerated this recorder the version 4. My intent was to modify it with a large external battery to record more hours.

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Deliver time was 11 days. Because of the high bit rate the 8GB will only hold about 47 hours. So this 4 is useless to my modification project. S haun in the UK requested some threshold information about the 2 so I did some tests.

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Here is my reply. Large external battery replaces internal battery. This modification increases the record time of the 4GB audio recorder to about 70 hours on one battery charge. External mAh battery. The center battery terminal is unused. Internal battery is removed. Center battery terminal is unused. Note chips on the battery side of the protection circuit. Hole cut for wires to enter the recorder plastic case. Black electrical tape for insulation. With one battery charge, a person could record most of their working day with this in a shirt pocket, or a student could record a week of classes.

The plastic construction is weak and might come apart if dropped on the floor, the USB performance is not the best but the audio quality is surprisingly good. Here is a 23 second KB sample audio file from this recorder. Recorder - There is a simple elegance to the on off switch control of the recorder. It has none of these extras: Switch it on anytime you want to record, and off when you don't. Record up to 10 hours on one charge.

Charge it again and record another 10 hours, up to about 70 hours of audio storage. Thumb drive - The internal flash memory holds the recorded audio WAV files and any other files you want to store. The class 4 performance is not the fastest but adequate for many purposes.

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Operation when not USB connected - start a recording by moving the switch to on. After a few seconds a blue LED indicates recording. Stop a recording by moving the switch to off. Each recording creates one to many WAV files. The device installs as a disk drive.

The recording blue LED is barely noticeable in a bright indoor room. However, in an unlit room, the blue LED light fills the room like a nightlight. Note - If the switch is in the on position while disconnecting the USB, recording starts, and this could unintentionally run down the battery. Other sellers still have reasonable prices. I don't know if every USB audio recorder that looks like this device has the same recording capacity or electronics. You can't always trust the descriptions on eBay.

This recorder does not have a brand name or model number, so you need to buy it by description from a seller who will accept returns if it does not work like as advertised, or like the device described here. Here are some search links to eBay sellers: I don't recommend any seller or sellers. The buying risk is totally yours. Also available in 8GB. That is why I wrote this review. The fully charged rechargeable battery will record for about 10 hours 9.

This voice recorder contains a speaker, also work good for you. Loudspeaker Yes. Mono but two channel. No automatic volume control. Little, Codec ID: Intel, Bit rate mode: Constant, Bit depth: The recorder limits the size of each WAV file to 4 hours. Empirically minutes 10 seconds.

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About The time gap between files is [unknown]. Folder in the root: The Windows 7 formatted memory capacity is bytes, empirical.

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The recorder stopped recording at used bytes, empirical. That is Vbatt release voltage.

Vbatt while charging when the red LED changes from flashing to on. There is no indication to know that this release happens. So, to fully charge the battery it must remain connected for [unknown] minutes after the red LED stops flashing. Vbatt at the end of one battery discharge and USB disconnected. LiPo voltage drops off rapidly below 3. This might be while the processor is accessing the flash memory chip to create a WAV file and opening it for write.

Also, periodically the current spikes briefly to about 15 mA, probably while writing the WAV file. Battery current draw while standby switch off, USB not connected. About 6 months based on the battery mAh and the standby current. To keep the battery healthy, best practice is to charge the battery every few months, if the recorder is unused. Unknown because it is not marked.

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Measures about class 4 speed. After a full re-format, Crystal Disk Mark benchmark: Sequential Read: Any modification must be fully bench tested for safety. Replace the internal LiPo battery with an external mAh or larger LiPo battery mounted on the back of the thumb drive. This should permit about 70 continuous hours about 3 days of audio recording. Remove the plastic case, replace the battery with a mAh or larger LiPo and mount it in an enclosure for about 70 continuous hours of audio recording.

Post-it-note paper works and holds in place. Size without end cap. Version 1 USB audio recorder button side. Reset switch. Electret microphone. The 2R2 2. USB audio recorder battery side. Geekbench scores have shown that the 2.

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While the Mac mini G4 contained a separate graphics processor, all revisions of the Intel-based Mac mini contain integrated GPUs, except in the version where the 2. Unlike the Mac mini G4, the Intel-based Mac mini uses a dual-channel architecture for memory. While all versions of the Mac mini up to and including the revision supports user upgradeable memory after purchase, the current model does not, [50] because the memory is soldered to the logic board. Since the integrated graphics processor does not have its own dedicated memory, the system shares some of the main system memory with it. All models continue to use 2.

A Combo drive was initially offered as standard, with the SuperDrive being an option, but through the models, all models that have an optical drive contain the SuperDrive as standard. Networking is supported with a built-in Gigabit Ethernet port and an integrated Bluetooth was also made standard. External displays are supported through a DVI port. A fifth USB 2. The AirPort card was upgraded to Bluetooth was also upgraded from 2. As of this revision, the Apple Remote is no longer included with the Mac mini. The Mac mini model gave access to 3 different USB busses on the back.

Upgradable up to an Intel Core 2 Duo 2. Starting from the mid revision, there is a removable panel on the bottom, enabling the user to upgrade the RAM. The new Mac mini has an all-aluminium enclosure, called unibody. The unibody manufacturing process was originally developed for the MacBook Air [64] and later also used in the MacBook and MacBook Pro , and the iMac before being introduced into the Mac mini range. The built-in power supply negates the need for an external power supply "brick" used on earlier models. There have been other changes in the revision.

They include the elimination of the Kensington Security Slot , [66] as well as the optical drive. While the fifth USB 2. Mac mini models released in late used dual-core processors, which perform worse in multi-threaded workloads compared to the quad-core processors from the model.

Meanwhile, single-threaded workload performance increased. PCIe-based flash storage is standard with no option of a hard disk drive. The chassis is mostly a carryover from the previous generation, measuring the same dimensions, though is only available in a darker "space gray" finish. Memory can again be replaced, unlike the models that soldered it to the logic board.

Apple has offered a Server configuration of the Mac mini. Later on, Apple released the OS X Server packaged app as a single purchase from the Mac App Store , containing all the separate components apps, so that any model of Mac computer could download and use them. The Mid Server model was initially the only Mac mini to entirely remove the optical drive, replacing it with a second hard drive in its place. However, from the Mid models onwards, all models of Mac mini had the optical drive removed.

The Mac mini Server was discontinued with the Late model. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Desktop computer by Apple. Apple Inc. The named reference spec was invoked but never defined see the help page. Archived from the original on September 24, Retrieved November 3, The Economist. Archived from the original on December 9, Retrieved December 9, New Mac mini offers an attractive bang for the buck". Archived from the original on June 8, Retrieved October 30, How to identify external power adapters on Mac mini models released before , Apple Inc.

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October 19, Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved October 19, May 1, Archived from the original on October 22, Archived from the original on February 12, Archived from the original on April 19, Archived from the original on January 4, And thanks to a removable bottom panel, it's easy to add more CS1 maint: Archived from the original on October 20, Archived from the original on November 18, How to remove or install memory".

Fixed occasional recording time error. Fixed streaming password issue. Fixed an activation for all users issue. Fixed mirroring password issue. Compatible with macOS Sierra. Add iOS 10 navigation. Compatible with iOS Fixed the occasional grey screen after clicking Record butoon. Compatible with iOS 9. Improved converter stability. Added Portuguese to the multilingual version. Support recording sounds from Microphone to add voiceover.

Added French and Russian to the multilingual version. Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese to the multilingual version. Fix the audio out of sync issue in recorded videos. Add an extra lossless quality audio-only airplay receiver. Enhanced the display quality. Fixed a video export bug.