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The Mac OS X Time Machine backup disk makes extensive use of both file and directory hard links to minimize disk usage. When files that are restored are hard-linked, the client recreates the original hard link. Recreating the original hard link can only be done if all files that are hard-linked are restored at the same time.

Time machine tutorial (recover specific apps, files/ migration assistant)

Restoring all the hard-linked files at the same time is not a practical method for a large backup disk that uses the Mac OS X Time Machine application. However, any files that are restored must have these restrictive ACLs in place. Related concepts: It excludes log files, Spotlight indexes, caches, temporary files and trash have a look: The backup includes docker files, npm packages, your personal files etc.

When the backup is completed, the hard drive will NOT be bootable, meaning that you can't run macOS from your Time machine backup. You can restore from a Time machine backup without or after installing an operating system. If you restore without installing an operating system:. If you think this contains misinformation, please comment because I never actually restored after an operating system installation.

Back up your Mac with Time Machine

In geneal, yes, everything that is important to most users is included in a Time Machine backup. In most cases, you can simply buy a replacement Mac, connect the drive, and restore al the files you like, or the complete system from a Time Machine backup.

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No, time machine has several sorts of exclusions so it does not even back up everything, let alone restore everything. The good news, everything that gets backed up will restore to the same or newer OS. Or you could review each time you place things and verify you can restore them or inspect they are not excluded. Read up on either web site for the many potential benefits of a bootable backup, not the least being all files get copied.

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How to back up (and restore) your Mac using Time Machine [MacRx]

Wordpressor Wordpressor 1 2 I know this was long time a go, but how did that work? I have a disk that is not working well and a recent time machine backup. If I restore that, Do you think it will remember things like xcode project settings and keys or android?

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  • Mac OS X Time Machine backup disk?
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If you restore without installing an operating system: All the backup will be restored to your disk, including the operating system for example Yosemite. If the Mac you are restoring to does not support the version of macOS in your TM Backup, it will still not be able to boot from the restore]. No internet access is required. After the backup is restored, everything will be exactly how it was while you were doing the backup.

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If you restore after installing an operating system: Only personal files and the files you select can be restored and will not restore the operating system. Wordpressor Well, you could, but I'm not sure why you would in the event of a new Mac. In the event of a used Mac, if it was already prepared for sale as per Apple's recommendations , then you're also fine to keep it as is. If not, you would go through the process of reinstalling macOS first before restoring from your backup unless you knew that the Mac fully supported the version of macOS in your TM backup and you wanted to use that version of macOS.