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Sometimes it will free up overnight as the system realizes it is not actively being used. Many times it sits used Inactive. Running memory hungry applications does not force it to be freed from inactive programs, and the experience very obvious slowness due to lack of Free memory. Regardless of what you call it; hoax, misguided, unnecessary, the Purge command does the trick. I now have 6Gigs of Free memory useful for the applications that need it.

Great command, as a web developer I use memory intensive applications all the time. More specifically however I often download large sql backups of our live databases and restore them locally on my machine. This makes my life easier as I can modify code whilst still using a fairly up to date set of data and without having to rely on an internet connection or latency on connecting to a remote database.

I have found that restoring the database on the command line postgres gradually eats up my memory and when the restoration has completed sits as inactive memory up to 5 GB of 8 available. This inactive memory fails to clear or at least takes hours upon hours. I know I wont need to run this restore command that often so using the purge command prevents me from having to reboot. Thanks for the heads up. This was a very helpful discussion. Quitting and restarting the apps only frees up a small fraction of my 8GB and this is quickly reallocated and the problem comes back. It was only by restarting my computer that fixed the problem.

They look like little Mb memory leaks, and they accumulate over time.

Purge will not make them go away. You can see them on Activity Monitor.

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I ran a backup to my NAS, and after a few hours, there were about 30 of them, and my free memory was nearly gone; I was not running anything else at the time. I have a Mac Mini i7 on I am hoping there are no long-term effects caused by reallocating memory in such a brash way. I could not function without it. When Free memory goes below MB my macbook pro becomes unusable. I have to run it several times a day, which really is a mark of bad design in iOS memory management my opinion only.

Make sure you have Xcode installed as well as the command-line tools installed. When the preferences menu comes up select the Downloads tab and make sure you are looking at the Components section. You should see a few iOS simulators and Command-line tools. Wired is what is being used by the OS e. Kernel task , Active is memory used by User and non-essential System applications, Inactive is memory that just hangs there in case you need it for future use, and Free memory is memory that has not been used, or Inactive memory that has been released from the RAM.

It then starts caching to disk and using purge could corrupt your download. Purge should only be used when you want your system in a fresh state such as playing a RAM intensive game, or if you need to test for memory leaks in a program you are developing in Xcode. This is exactly what I have been looking for!!!

Before knowing this, I would have to quit Illustrator to clear up memory so I could continue working.

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Thanks so much! Hi mates. My problem is as follows: I have installed Onyx, but I cannot find the purge command there is no memory tab. Any suggestions? Thank you. I have a background in operating systems…I can tell you that Mountain Lion suffers from memory mismanagement. Most programmers dont even understand virtual and physical memory, and leave memory leaks throughout their code.

Comprehensive maintenance for your Mac

The OS should reclaim the pages it can, but the reality is different. Sometimes you have to provide a hint to the OS. I will make sure to use this in the future! For those wishing to automate the running of purge, open a terminal and enter this command: For most people, this will be empty initially. When you run this command, it will open up the crontab in an editor probably vim.

Free Up Inactive Memory in Mac OS X with Purge Command

You need to insert a new line to run purge on a scheduled basis. Google crontab for details on how it works.

Save the crontab and exit. Now purge will run for you with whatever time frame you entered in the example, every 2 hours, every day, at the top of the hour. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Pedro says: April 24, at 8: Thomas says: Will says: April 24, at 9: Aaron says: April 26, at 1: October 29, at 5: Someyunguy says: March 8, at Blake says: December 8, at 6: April 4, at 4: Ben says: July 23, at Web Dude says: John says: Erique says: November 26, at Argo says: Squanto says: Nick says: April 16, at 9: Larry H says: April 24, at Marius Schiffer says: Dan says: April 24, at 3: Bt says: April 24, at 5: November 8, at 5: JHarbin says: December 19, at Dean says: April 24, at 1: Ian says: April 24, at 4: Theo Vosse says: April 25, at 1: Bryan says: August 7, at April 25, at 5: January 15, at 3: Saurabh says: January 24, at 3: Brad says: April 28, at Liam says: May 30, at 8: Aquariusrick says: May 31, at 7: LL says: June 28, at 7: TJM says: July 9, at 3: Pete says: July 11, at 4: OS X Mountain Lion August 23, at Theone says: October 15, at 6: Greg R says: November 8, at 8: Bob in Indiana says: November 17, at 9: Ethan Lim says: November 19, at 1: Allison says: November 26, at 1: EB says: November 30, at December 6, at