Windows files read only on mac

How to Change File Permission From Read-Only to Read-Write on a Mac

Skip to main content. Tips Make sure the "Locked" button is unchecked in the Info Finder window.

[ DRIVER ] How To Enable Write Permission To Windows NTFS File System On Mac OS X

If the file is locked, permissions cannot be edited. Change an item's owner by clicking the lock icon in the lower right corner of the Info window. Enter your name and password.

References 1 Apple Support: OS X Lion: Set Permissions. Resources 2 Apple Support: About the Author Andrew Schrader has been a professional writer and filmmaker since Using exFAT has the advantage of compatibility on almost all Platforms. Unable to copy file into external hard drive: Read-only file system [closed] Ask Question.

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However, I cannot seem to write anything on the external drive as I get the message cp: Read-only file system I have used the chmod command for my seagatedrive to no avail. The message I get there is: Read-only file system How can I make my external hard drive seagatedrive above writable? Would appreciate any help. Disasterkid Disasterkid 2, 14 53 I know this is over a year old now, but in case others come here looking for reasons why they can't write to their external drive: Since it's apparent that you have a Seagate drive, may I point out that you can download the free Seagate-sponsored version of Paragon's NTFS utility from here: I may be wrong but it appears that you just have to have a Seagate drive attached for the utility to install - but you can use it on any drive thereafter.

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Since I can't put my thoughts in a comment not enough rep. JayJay JayJay 78 9. I do not think the drive is write-protected because I can easily add files to it on my Windows. Ntfs is known to be readonly on mac os.