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The trouble is nobody told Europe's women 3 In the real world, even the swinging 60s did not see a lot of procreation. By the mids, alarm bells were ringing. Ron Lesthaeghe at the Free University of Brussels blamed ''post-materialistic values, in which selfdevelopment becomes the primary aim. That baby famine is now heading into a second generation; it is no longer a blip. It already badly needs foreign hands to keep its societies and economies functioning, and should stop pretending otherwise. And last year's economic downturn threatens to depress fertility further.

Germany is there already: But, population historian David Reher told the journal Science in that, "As population and tax revenues decline in Europe, urban areas could well be filled with empty buildings and crumbling infrastructure The current desired family size in Britain is three. Not stated 9. The population of Europe has started to decline. Ron Lesthaeghe s opinion is that Europeans have become self-centred. The trouble is nobody told Europe s women line 9. This implies that the writer A. Which of the following statements is true of paragraph 4?

Europe s population will be reduced by half from till B. Europe s population will be maintained with six million babies a year. Europe s population is declining twice as fast between and Peter McDonald believes that A. Low fertility among Europeans is due to economic considerations B. Spain will be the worst hit by population decline C. Italy should welcome foreign migrants In the last paragraph, David Reher presents a picture of Europe. But in the past, most of those films were shot with international money for an international audience.

Bodyguards and assassins represents a new model of Chinese filmmaking. It has per cent Chinese financing - half private and half public - and is being shot primarily for a Chinese audience. In the past, the size of the mainland Chinese market alone would not have supported such a big-budget film.

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But in the last couple of years the Chinese market has exploded, and for the first time films are being produced for just that audience. Foreign sales are no longer the biggest slice of the pie in terms of recoup. The majority of the investments, if not all, can be recouped with the projected revenue of the Chinese market alone. They got a boost from international blockbusters as well as acclaimed local films. New movie theaters are opening every week, increasingly in smaller cities.

Dadi Cinemas Co. Dadi's strategy has been to concentrate on second-tier cities, where are often no movie theaters, and to keep ticket prices at a quarter to a third of those for cinemas in larger cities. Though they are still looking to Hong Kong firms for their expertise, Chinese production house are increasingly in the driver s seat. In Hollywood, box-office receipts account for just 30 per cent of a film s revenues, with the rest coming from television rights, DVD sales, and merchandising.

There is a lot of room for residual income to grow. China prove with its Olympic mascots that it can fully capitalize on merchandising. It won't be long before filmmakers figure out how to turn their work into millions of sword-fighting action figures. Adapted from Newsweek, September 21, Grand historical set are a staple of Chinese epics line 7. This implies that A. The biggest slice of the pie line 14 in paragraph 2 refers to A.

The current strategy of movie producers is to A. Which of the following statements is not true of paragraph 3? There are almost ten times more cinemas in United State compare to China B. Moviemaking as a lucrative industry is not new in China The race is now on line This refers to A. The Chinese movie producers no longer need Hong Kong counterparts. They have distribution channel outside China B.

They do not need Hong Kong expertise C. They can earn enough within China The main idea of paragraph 6 is A. China s movie industry is capable of making money from spins-offs C. China s film makers should emulate Olympic organizers in making spinoffs The few customers for cornflakes ate them with hot milk, because until recently milk was rarely pasteurized in India, and they were disappointed by the soggy results. To entice customers, the company also produced small packs that sold for 10 rupees, or 25 U. I don't think we can ever hope for that. But we've become a part of the consideration set tor breakfast in many Indian homes, and that's a tipping point," said Anupam Dutta, the managing director of Kellogg India.

Rising incomes, more working women, modern stores and greater culinary choices are helping companies like PepsiCo, Nestle, Unilever and McDonald's get a piece of the market. Adaptation appears to be essential for success in the sector. PepsiCo for example, has produced strong sales from ethnic salty snacks and sells aam panna, or green mango nectar, along with its colas. But it had better results with Maggi noodles, a bold step in a country divided between eaters of rice and roti, a flat wheat bread.

Maggi soon became a staple in school lunch boxes, helped by masala, or mixed spices.

Nestle recently introduced packaged yogurt, competing with another time-honoured Indian tradition. A few years ago, Indian and foreign companies struggled to sell packaged foods. But now it is much easier to break into the Indian market because of a younger population, higher incomes, new technologies and a growing middle class, estimated at 50 million households. Kearney, a consulting company, estimates that processed foods will grow at 15 per cent annually over the next four years.

The market is constantly evolving and creating demand for products that you never thought would have had a chance. Increasingly, Indian consumption patterns are mirroring global trends such as a preference for protein and for functional foods," said Kalbag.

Half its menu is vegetarian, with popular offerings like the McAloo Tikki Burger, which is essentially a potato patty. The company also has more sit-down restaurants for large Indian families and home delivery, a first. For instance, Jumbo King, an Indian fast-food chain, is mass producing vada pav, a spiced potato patty in a bun, using modified cookie-dough machines and temperature-controlled stoves. Their inspiration is clearly McDonald's. Cumbersome tax rules give an advantage to smaller local companies. And the refrigerated system of transportation and storage is inadequate. Problems in this cold chain result in waste of nearly 40 per cent of all fresh produce.

There is a need for stronger legislation The government and modern retailers are addressing these issues with new laws on packaging and labeling, as well as greater investment in the supply chain. Adapted from Herald Tribune, March 20, In the first paragraph, the writer implies that A. Indians do not eat breakfast cereals with cold milk B. The writer mentions Basmati rice flakes and mango-flavored cereal line 6 and 7 to illustrate the A. Attempts to include ethnic options B. Many varieties of breakfast cereals C.

New way of packaging snacks in small packets The main reason for the success of global food companies in India is A. The market for processed foods has grown in India primarily because of A. Why is the introduction of Maggi noodles considered a bold step line 22? Indians are mainly rice and bread eaters B. India spices were added to the noodles C. It became the main item to school lunches The following statements are true of McDonald s in India except A. The passage is particularly rich in A. Which of the following best summarizes the central idea of the passage? Indian consumer patterns are adapting to global trends B.

Global food companies adapt to local markets for success C. In India, food products are constantly evolving to meet local taste. She had woken up with a burning discomfort in her chest and an upset stomach and vomited soon after she got to work. Her doctor called an ambulance and before she knew it, the year-old Sydney mother of three was in the emergency unit. For the next seven hours, hospital staff ran a battery of tests, but couldn't find the problem.

They thought it was a stomach ulcer or a bit of this or a bit of that," says Rosette. By late at1ernoon, a cardiologist was finally called and diagnosed what the other staff had missed: Rosette had suffered a heart attack. Men and women often present different sets of symptoms when they experience heart attacks.

Yet, because hospital protocols - the way staff are trained to react and subsequently act - are typically based on the symptoms that men present, women are ot1en misdiagnosed, wait longer for correct treatment or may even be sent home untreated. That is hardly an earth-shattering revelation. Yet traditionally, women have been viewed by the medical profession as simply smaller versions of men.

Now, however, scientists are revealing how wrongand dangerous- that assumption really is. Researchers are uncovering tiny biological differences at every level - from the cells up- which influence the way men and women experience disease and how they need to be treated for it. Women s brains are more plastic than men's, meaning they recover more easily from strokes. And men's bodies respond to certain types of pain in different ways from women's bodies and may need different treatment for it. As well as the way our bodies are put together, our gender also affects our health outcomes, thanks to the way in which society shapes us as men and women.

Women are more likely to see their doctor and take care of their health. Men, on the other hand, generally do not visit the doctor until their disease has progressed further, so they are more likely to die from it. Men also suffer higher rates of accident and injury, including suicide. Yet much of the evidence on which medicine is based does not take gender differences into account. Her heart attack symptoms foil into a definition of "atypical" symptoms which are based on male experience. As a result of the delay in her treatment, she suffered permanent damage to her heart muscle. Around the world, more clinical trials have been carried out on young white men.

It is more complicated for researchers to include women, because they have had to factor in complexities such as fluctuating hormone levels through menstruation or menopause. In addition, drug companies are wary of testing their new products on women who might be pregnant. One in eight cases of osteoporosis involves a male, but little research has been done into the disease in men: It is the same for reproductive medicine: As well as changing the way research is conducted, it is also important to consider gender when it comes to the way doctors are trained and health services are delivered, Dr Wainer says.

Adapted from Readers Digest, July In paragraph 1, the writer tell us Rosette Babkian s story to make the point that A. The word protocols line 12 can be replaced by A. The example given in paragraph 5 explain A. Women are more likely to see their doctor and take care of their health lines 34 and This highlights the point that A. The word this line 44 refers to A.

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Delay in treatment for women B. Permanent damage to heart muscle C. Using young white men for clinical trials D. Treating women based on symptoms exhibited by men Why were clinical trials traditionally carried out on young white men? Data analysis of a homogenous sample was more straightforward B. Pharmaceutical companies forbid the use of female subjects C.

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  6. Male subjects were paid less compared to female subjects D. Researchers prefer working with men The writer mentions osteoporosis and gynecology in paragraph 10 to make the point that A. It would be odd if the seas, which he has for centuries used for food, for transport, for dumping rubbish and, more recently, for recreation, had not also been affected.

    Man has brought about a hotter atmosphere and warmer seas. It does not affect sea levels, 5 because floating ice is already displacing water of a weight equal to its own. But melting glaciers and ice sheets on land are bringing quantities of fresh water into the sea, whose level has been rising at an average of nearly 2 millimeters a year for over 40 years, and the pace is getting faster.

    Recent studies suggest that the sea level may well rise by a total of 80 centimeters this century, though the figure could 10 plausibly be as much as 2 meters. About a third of this C0 2 is taken up by the sea, where it forms carbonic acid. The plants and animals that have 15 evolved over time to thrive in slightly alkaline surface waters-their ph is around are now having to adapt to a 30 per cent increase in the acidity of their surroundings.

    Some will no doubt flourish, but if the trend continues, as it will for at least some decades, clams, mussels, conches and all creatures that grow shells made of calcium carbonate will struggle. So will corals, especially those 20 whose skeletons are composed of aragonite, a particularly unstable form of calcium carbonate. Knowingly and deliberately, he throws plenty of rubbish and toxic waste into the sea. Inadvertently, he also lets flame retardants, bunker oil and heavy metals seep into the mighty ocean, and often invasive species too. Much of the harm done by such pollutants is invisible to the eye: When rainwater contaminated with these fertilizers and other nutrients reaches the sea, an explosion of toxic algae and bacteria takes place, killing fish, absorbing almost all the oxygen and leaving a microbially-dominated ecosystem.

    Slaughter one species in the food web and you set off a chain of alterations above or below. Thus, the near extinction of sea otters in the northern Pacific led to a proliferation of sea urchins, which then laid waste an entire kelp forest that had hitherto sustained its own ecosystem. The few coral reefs that remain pristine seem able to cope with the warming and acidification that none can escape, but most of the reefs that have also suffered overfishing or pollution have succumbed to bleaching or even death.

    Biodiversity comes with interdependence, and the shocks administered by mankind in recent decades have been so numerous and so severe that the natural balance of marine life is disturbed. Most scientists believe that fisheries, for instance could be restored to health with the right policies, properly enforced. But many of the changes are speeding up, not slowing down. Some, such as the acidification of 50 the seas, will continue for years to come simply because of events already in train or past. And some, such as the melting of the Arctic ice cap, may be close to the point at which an abrupt, and perhaps irreversible, series of happenings is set in motion.

    A world of 6. Adapted from The Economist, December MATH S. Friday, 15 March Pengurusan hutan secara mapan. Kepentingan pengurusan hutan dan peranan hutan dalam mengekalkan kepelbagaian biologi sudah diperakui secara global. Pengeluaran balak dilakukan secara berkala - membolekan pemulihan semula kawasan yang telah ditebang. Pemantauan ke atas kawasan hutan pengeluaran. Aktiviti2 yg menyumbangkan kpd pengeluaran balak dan hasil hutan dijalankan secara teratur supaya tidak menjejaskan ekosistem hutan.

    Dalam Rancangan Malaysia ke-9 , kerajaan Malaysia mengambil langkah untuk memperkasakan pengurusan sumber hutan secara mapan seperti berikut: Pemeliharaan produk hutan Pemeliharaan kawasan tadahan air Pelancongan ekologi Pembuatan produk herba dan perubatan Carigali biologi Bio-prospecting. Era Hijau Teknologi Enjin Hibrid.


    Pengenalan Penggunaan teknologi hijau seperti enjin hibrid adalah pilihan sumber bahan api bagi mengurangkan pergantungan kepada petrol dan diesel. Teknologi enjin hibrid sudah dimajukan oleh beberapa generasi automatif dunia dan terbukti berhasil melahirkan kenderaan mesra alam. Teknologi hibrid ini didefinisikan sebagai penggunaan kenderaan yang menggunakan dua atau lebih penggunaan gabungan bahan api dan kuasa elektrik untuk menggerakkan motor kenderaan sekaligus menjimatkan minyak serta dapat mengurangkan penghasilan asap yang terlalu banyak.

    Berupaya bergerak sejauh 80 hingga km sebelum perlu dicas semula.

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    Kos penjagaan dan penyelenggaraan yang tidak tinggi kerana motor dan bateri kereta hibrid tidak memerlukan penyelenggaraan dan boleh digunakan sepanjang hayat. Read and study the question carefully to look out what is required. Plan your time. Keep calm: This is very important and can save you a lot of time.

    Make use of linkers or connective words to connect the ideas in your essay. Once you have finished your essay, check for the spelling. Make sure there is no grammatical errors. Math T Integration. Pdf file:. Slide show of electrochemistry- application of redox- Rusting- galvanic cell- cell potential- S. I hope that this post can help u.

    Good luck. Chemistry periodic table.

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    Designed to make learning chemistry much easier and a whole lot more fun!! How to prepare for task 1? Become familiar with graph types. Do practice exercises describing graph. Become familiar with the ways to: Practice language that: Common connective words to be used. It seems to me I tend to believe that I am one of the opinion that In my experience To sum up. To conclude. Should young people take a year off after form six? In some countries, young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies.

    Give reasons for your essay. Write at least words. Taking a "gap year" off between high school and university has become a popular option among many young people. This time off provides a break after many years of formal study. Agree Some students use this time to travel around the world, others volunteer and still others begin working. The idea behind each of these activities is to do something hands-on and refreshing, which enables school leavers to learn more about themselves and their place in the world around them.

    The benefits of taking year off are plentiful. Firstly, on a personal level, students who travel away from home develop their independence and self-confidence. They learn about viewpoints, traditions and perspectives different from their own. Professionally, students get a taste of diverse workplaces, which might inspire a possible career interest.

    Intellectually, they examine their own beliefs and ideas in relation to those of others in a new environment. All these advantages combine to make a strong case for taking the one-year break. Disagree There are dangers involved in taking such a long break. Academically, the main drawback is that students can get a sidetracked from their studies.

    Muet essays writing 4 stars based on reviews ssandpfcom essay 3 page essays on respect making recommendations in a research paper law essay nature nurture. Muet writing 1 muet writingsample essay 3suggest some measures that you think should be taken to prevent snatch thefts support youranswer with examples give your views in not fewer that wordsrecently, there have been a lot of reports in the newspapers on the rising cases of snatch theft.

    I'm nervous too right now cause i'll seat for my muet for reading, listening and writing tomorrow i dont do any test and my friends said that for engine student. The malaysian university english test muet is a test of english language proficiency, largely for university admissions the test is set and run by the malaysian examinations council which also runs the sijil tinggi persekolahan malaysia examination.