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Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. Microsoft announced today via Computerworld that it will be dropping support for older versions of Skype on Mac and Windows over the next few months to make way for newer editions. Specifically, Skype for Mac 6. Skype for Mac 6. In April, Skype made group video calling free for Mac, PC and Xbox One users, and also launched a redesigned iPhone app earlier this month that featured a streamlined design and improved performance.

Skype for Mac can be downloaded for free from the service's official website. Top Rated Comments View all. It needs to be noted, Skype 6. While 6. They will no longer be able to use their pre microsoft release and be forced to upgrade to the bloat version.

Might be a good idea in case any Skype devs are cruising these forums since we can't vote with our wallet, have to vote with our flames. I personally use the latest version though: I agree. Skype 2. Compact, floating windows that could be easily moved around your screen allowing you to multitask and txt chat with multiple people - even while on a video call with someone.


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The easiest solution around being forced to upgrade is simply to abandon Skype. I used to use Skype daily, and constantly throughout the day. I updated about 5 months ago and I think I've opened the program twice since then but haven't chatted or made a call with anyone. It's a shame that Microsoft had to mess with it. Excuse me MS. How am I suppose to communicate with my friends overseas who are using Skype on their G5 and G4 Macintosh computers?

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We CAN'T upgrade to a newer version! Thoses systems are older than my G5! Version 2.

Here’s a List of the Skype Versions Supported in OS X

Are they going to refund our skype in and out money we purchased in order to call land lines from our computers? The main function of Skype is video calls which allow for single and group video conferencing. You can also call land line and cell phone numbers worldwide at a lower cost per minute which is deducted from your Skype balance.

As the successor to Windows Messenger, Skype also lets you chat with friends on Facebook.

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Calling another Skype user is simple and making calls to land lines isn't difficult either, but problems emerge when you want to use advanced features. Some features are hidden behind menus and some buttons don't explain the feature it activates, like screen sharing. It takes some time to learn all of the advanced functions in Skype.

Skype has become one of the standards for calling through the internet and has features that everyone can find useful.

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The app can intelligently adapt to different desktops or devices and adjust for network speeds without having to manually change your settings. There are many variables to get good video and sound, and Skype is able to get the best possible quality available. The varied uses of Skype make it a very important program to use.

Since it's cross-platform, you don't have to worry about compatibility with other users. Since Skype has replaced Messenger, it is the default messaging app for Windows , but it's still a great add-on for Mac users. This version of Skype is designed for OS X If you use a new version of OS X, then download this version of Skype.

This is not an older version of Skype as it purports to be. This is the Microsoft app for only the latest OS. This site and all its pro ducts are likely data scavengers. Running Skype 7. The first month was alright, but it began to be off-line very often since last month. Getting to know version 8 and above Skype for desktop We've been listening. Updating to the latest version of Skype To update: How do I join a conversation from a link I received in Skype on desktop? Common questions with Skype on desktop Skype keeps you more connected to your world by making it simple to get things done, have rich conversations, or enjoy spontaneous moments together with your How do I get Skype on desktop?

How do I update Skype? How do I get started with Skype? Which Skype enabled devices or platforms are no longer supported? What are the system requirements for Skype? How do I uninstall and reinstall Skype on desktop? How much bandwidth does Skype need? Why has Skype automatically updated? How do I create a new account for Skype? What are the Skype Terms of Use?

What version of Skype am I using on my computer? Should I use a Skype beta release? How can I be sure that the install file I download is from Skype? Which Skype features would be good for me? What platforms is Skype available on? What is Skype? Try Skype without a Skype account on Skype.

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Microsoft Retiring Older Versions of Skype for Mac

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