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This game takes a fresh look at and old cliche. It imaginatvely uses the Halo engine, to break away from the pack. You amble around the classic 50's Happy-do-gooder town, distrupting it, and eventually destroying it. It is rather gorey, I'll admit. You can literally rip the arm of someone and beat them to death. When you eat brains for regenative, and conversion purposes, I assure you , things can get pretty bloody. Playing the full game, I can also tell you the game only gets better.

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Sandman , an amazing soundtrack, mainly remakes of old songs. Also some very funny scenes. An inspirational speech, with the American flag unfurled in the background, and trumpets blazing, in which the only word is "brains". Go buy this game. I don't care if you can pirate games, but support this game. Like I said, this game is al about eating brains. You are Stubbs, a zombie that rises from the dead in a '60's version of the future.

You come in a town where peace is living. You ate a guys brain, commanded by a guide droid, and that's when all the trouble starts. Police will follow you everywhere, and later on you will also get Soldiers comming after you, and this all in a very commical way.

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The basic story is; Stubbs sees an beautifull lady and want's here as his girlfriend, and so you're following here the whole game. In the meantime you're creating your own army of the dead by eating everyones brain and so turning them into zombies. The controls are very good since it's a console port. Your arsenal is also very funny; from stunning enemies with a fart to bowling your head into enemies.

Deffinatly a must-try! Sometimes your objectives can be confusing and eating brains can be repeatetive. The bossfight against the Police commander is not very well ported and will make you stress out a couple of times!

Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel without a Pulse" PC

Don't worry after a couple of times you can skip the fight! Playing as a zombie 2. Great gameplay 3. Graphics are decent 4. Great soundtrack with the game 5. Original and creative story. Cant think of any other than the demo is short but the full game is loads of fun. In a day when there are so many gta clones,ww2 shooters,and halo knock offs it's nice and rare to see A well made game with a fresh idea. Most lower end computers will be able to play the game portion of this. Nice and tight 3d person gameplay. The sound effects are nice too.

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  • The graphics are not bad, there just not great either with it's static like effects. Despite my x gt The cut scenes were still kinda choppy,however the game portion will probably play on even low end pc's which is good.

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    Unfortunately most of the game's that become huge are from major publishers like ea,thq,activision.. No doubt they will steal this idea,rename it,and make all the money.

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    Why do we by brands? Reply to this review Read reply 1. In one word Firstly, who wouldn't want to be a zombie in a town full of people. Secondly, the graphics are unbelievable. In a nod to Poltergeist, Stubbs rises from his grave to terrorize the living and get bloody revenge. The game does takes its gore seriously, as Stubbs pokes holes into the heads of everyone he can, eats their brains, uses entrails and rectal emissions as weaponry, uses his head as a rabid bowling ball, and best of all, he can rip off his arm which he then controls remotely. | Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse | Mac Game Review

    Of course, you can artificially extend the life of the game by making your own fun—try zombifying every human on each level. Posted in Action Adventure , Adventure. Old PC Gaming. Name required. Of course, I got myself all psyched up, only to find out that it doesn't work on Windows Good news is I found it for Xbox and it can be played on Xbox Pretty good game. Graphics and scenes are interesting. I would buy something like it again. Does get kind of boring after a while.

    Didnt get to far yet in it. Good story line, and would be better to play on a game console instead of pc.

    Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

    IF your into horror, zombie movies, ect Graphics are good, and the Halo game engine gives you a smooth interactive Game play environment. Great fun. NEW factory sealed in cracked jewel case as shown. Now, the man once known as Edward Stubblefield walks the earth in undead form, causing mischief and terrorizing the living as Stubbs the Zombie.

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    The game is set in Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, a fictional, '50s-styled "City of the Future," where citizens have grown complacent with their flying cars, zero crime rates, robot servants, and other modern conveniences. Despite the efforts of local militia and riot cops, these citizens offer tempting meals to the hungry zombie. More than just the wrapping on a quick snack, however, people whose brains are eaten by Stubbs become his minions, and will mindlessly follow him and attack the living who cross his path.