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Simply swapping the default wallpaper for a background you like can make your desktop feel new again. There, pick a fresh image from the default Mac desktop themes, or go with a nice solid background color. You can also select one of the options under the Dynamic Desktop section for a wallpaper that changes to match the time of the day.

Want to spice it up further? Set the wallpaper to change every hour, or add useful information to your desktop with an interactive wallpaper.

1. Start With a Brand New Wallpaper

To make these advanced tweaks and find wallpapers, go through the tips and apps in our ultimate Mac wallpaper resource The Ultimate Mac Wallpaper Resource: Read More. Starting with macOS Mojave, you can mix and match various color presets for system accents and highlights to come up with a fresh color scheme. In the same preference pane as above, switching to Dark Mode is another tweak you might want to consider. Our Mojave review covers everything you need to know about in the latest version of macOS. Read More and gives a sleek dark appearance to elements like the Dock, menu bar, app windows, and sidebars.

For example, if you use Alfred to control your Mac and have activated the Powerpack, you can use a custom theme to change how Alfred looks. To change the icon for a folder or a file , first copy the icon file. Now your custom icon is in place. PNG and JPG images can also work as the source for icons, but if you plan to use them, you have to open the image and copy-paste it to the folder inspector. You can even use an existing icon as the image source by copying it from the relevant inspector. Want to swap out the default app icons in the Applications folder for custom ones? You can, except for the apps that come bundled with your Mac.

But you can use the icons of system apps as sources for third-party apps. For example, you can replace the icon for your music player app with the system icon for iTunes. To personalize the login screen on your Mac, start by switching to a new user picture for your account. Hit Save to get the selected picture in place. Next, you might want to come up with an entertaining lock screen message. There, first select the checkbox for Show a message when the screen is locked.

This gives you access to the lock screen message setting. Next, click on the Set Lock Message button, type in what you want the lock screen to say, and hit OK. Then, drag your favorite apps to the Dock from the Applications folder. You can also reposition the Dock, resize its icons, and set them to magnify to various degrees on hover. Of course, instead of fiddling with the Dock, you could replace it with a third-party app like uBar or DockShelf. Play around with the built-in settings for installed apps to add more personal touches to your Mac.

For example, if you have the Slack desktop app installed, you can brighten up the Slack sidebar with a new theme. Select one of the themes available in the sidebar and click on Default at the bottom of the sidebar to set your choice as the default theme. You are welcome. Charlyes Featured By Owner Dec 16, Albertflash Featured By Owner Oct 29, Liking your theme, good work!

Having some problems getting theme to look like screenshot. Any help would be appreciated. I have managed to use the universal patch and copy leopard dark folder. All is well up to this point. When i try to rename explorer after taking ownership i get error 'File Access Denied' 'You require permission from TrustedInstaller to make changes to this file'. From what i understand i need to replace explorer, ExplorerFrame.

My back and forward buttons are not the same as screenshot Still windows in explorer,Icons aren't like screenshot. Surely i must be missing something? Would it be possible to get instructions to make theme exactly like screenshot? Thanking you for your work.


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I managed to edit and take ownership of files, copied your files to folders in instructions. All went well till i rebooted. After reboot i got error message saying shell Then got a black screen and couldn't do nothing. I had to boot in safe mode and do system restore. Not to sure what else i can do? Its a really good theme but i just can't get it happening! I have successfully changed explorer, ExplorerFrame. I'm still not able to change shell Then when i try to rename original file back it also won't change. I then have to system restore as stated above to avoid black screen error.

Hopefully i can workout what i'm doing wrong Also, where is Startorb image meant to go? Albertflash Featured By Owner Oct 31, Success with that link description. Thank you for a Great Theme and work. No problem. Simo Featured By Owner Oct 3, Simply Amazing! Easy to install.

Looks great best I've used so far. Well done and thank you for a great theme. Thank you. That dock made by me for personal use. Leopard Dark for 8 coming soon.

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Thank you, glad you like it.. First patch your system with "Universal Theme Patcher": I tried everything, the steps, still no changes. Well sometimes skin packs are harmful your system so manually changing the files are better in my opinion. Gracias por compartir tu trabajo. Esta muy bueno el tema Great Job! To favorites! Prev 1 2 More from sagorpirbd. Featured in Collections VS's by Gurato.

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