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Also tests fuel injector coil windings under load, and detects intermittent fuel injector coil faults. Adjustable current output. Works on both throttle body and multiport fuel injectors. TBI adapter included. Fuel Injection Pulse Tester Fuel injector testing requires precision equipment. This vehiclepowered tool fills that requirement. Ignition System Quick Test Kit Adapters This kit enables technicians to do power-balance tests and diagnose problems on standard, electronic, or distributorless ignition systems.

Comes with brass adapters to fit all auto coils, test probes and leads, spark gap tester, and step-by-step instructions that lead technicians through the power-balance test. Spark Testers 48 Check for spark on gasoline engines used in import and domestic cars and trucks, plus small engines. Fully tested on both conventional and distributorless ignition systems, and direct spark systems using an additional spark plug wire. A simple rotary switch selects firing voltage, burn time, and burn voltage.

All readings are taken on each firing of the spark plug. The tester may be used on any gas engine, including those on motor vehicles, lawn mowers, snow blowers, motorcycles, personal watercrafts, snowmobiles, marine and industrial equipment, etc. Tester has an internal battery. On-screen indicator advises when battery replacement is needed.

Use for adjusting high- and low-idle speed settings and controlling rpm for ignition and cylinder balancing testing. See page 43 for IAC signal testers. Anti-Static Wrist Strap Virtually eliminates the possibility of static electricity causing damage while working on electronic components. AWG 22—18 0. Pliers on tip of jaw for looping or grabbing wire in tight places.

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Clean size separations and markings allow ease of use in tight areas. Heat-treated steel construction with durable grips. Each end of the tool works on different terminal connector configurations. Works on various domestic and import models. Works on various domestic and import vehicles. Also works on various other domestic and import vehicles. You need only this one tool, not several vehicle specific tools.

With no air bag installed, there is no chance for accidental deployment during testing. Use the No. Included with the No. It includes diagnostic procedures, wiring schematics, and re-arming procedures on thru domestic and import cars, vans, and light trucks. Schematic Drawings Detailed drawings and component locations will lead you to easy repairs, if problems exist in an air bag system.

System Inspection Recommended OE procedures for post-collision inspection. Trouble Code Diagnosis Track down codes that keep the air bag warning light on! Procedures give you step-by-step information on all codes to help you find the problem. Includes the simulator, leads for U. Ford Air Bag Simulator When plugged into the vehicle harness connector, power is restored to simulate a complete circuit for diagnostic purposes. For use on most Ford to air bag systems and Ford air bag system I. Special one-ohm resistor for use on air bags on Probe vehicles.

Special two-ohm resistor for use on and newer Ford system II air bags. Special three-ohm resistor for use on Ford Villager air bag systems. Vision Premier module, PC with stand, 9' leads, printer with cables, software, and manuals. On-site setup and training provided. Sold separately. Includes necessary cables and 5-gas module. Optional coil-on-plug leads also available. COP Universal Lead covers 2 cylinders 4 ea. COP Chrysler 6 ea. COP Ford 8 ea. COP Volvo 4 ea.

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Comes complete with storage case. S — Vision Premier timing light. Includes timing light and instructions. Includes the module along with sampling hose, probe, cables, filters, and PC gas software with cable. MicroGas Accessories Measurement Ranges: When you combine the compact, repair grade, Performance 5-Gas Plug-in Module with the Genisys scan tool, you have the complete interactive emission repair solution.

This powerful combo covers any emission-related diagnosis required, and also gives you the ability to test for mechanical failures.

The module includes a reliable, heavy-duty pump, automatic water purge, water overload protection, automatic zero mode, easy pump and sensor servicing, and covers the full measurement ranges for HC, CO, CO 2, NOX, and O 2 gases. Genisys—at the core of integrated diagnostics solutions! But this is just the beginning. Solarity Performance 5-Gas The Solarity emissions repair solution. Add the downtime, missed delivery, rescheduling, and the potential for lost business.

More states are adopting emissions standards and testing programs. This can cost time and money for local and interstate fleets. One person can do the entire test. Windows-based, PC downloadable program transfers up to stored tests. Green LED Power Response Time Control Unit Includes partial flow meter, base unit with hand-held display, built-in printer, ambient sensors, two battery chargers — one for vehicle or shop, 20 ft. These options are required for state approval testing in New York and New Jersey.

Scrolling instructions walk you through the entire testing procedure. Aluminum rod telescopes from 3 ft. Optional pinch clamp holds head securely, on horizontal or downward facing stacks. Three-point detachment quickly releases the sensor head for easy cleaning.

One person can run the entire test, even in the wind, since the sensor measures smoke inside the stack. By utilizing a patented SPX micro-load testing method, this tester ensures accurate test results without any interpretation on vehicle battery, starting, and charging systems. Ships with 3' leads. Cable to perform tests from the cab of the vehicle. Removable Test Cables — easily field replaceable.

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PC Interface Port — allows for field updateable software. IR Compatible — allows optional infrared wireless printer. Readout Display — backlit for low light conditions, easy to view data in direct sunlight 4 x 20 character display. Security Cable Connection — protects against stolen or dropped units. Over-molded Surround with Soft-touch Keys — ruggedly built, easy to use, even with gloves. The BCS system analyzer has an operating range of 50— CCAs and is able to store data in memory or remotely print out the results using an infrared printer interface. It also measures voltage, and tests starting and charging systems at the push of a button.

Includes BCS system analyzer, a 12' extension cable for in-cab testing, two voltmeter probes, battery side- and threaded-post adapters, detachable leads, 9-volt battery, soft- sided carrying case. Same as No. Digital Battery Tester Speed. These are the cornerstones behind the technology in our digital battery testers. It even compensates for cold temperatures. Includes digital battery tester and soft-side carrying case.

The compact, lightweight design is rugged enough for everyday testing of 6- and volt batteries. Includes amp digital battery tester and test leads. It includes uniquely designed clamps for a positive grip on top- and side-post batteries and an extra-large, easy-to-read display. Convenient, portable size and easy-to-read scales. But using No. Attach the test switch between the negative battery cable and the battery, and then roadtest the vehicle.

Next, connect an amp meter to the switch to determine the parasitic amperage draw, and locate the excessive electrical drain on the battery. If a voltage spike is detected, the Antizap automatically clips it to a safe level to prevent damage to sensitive electronic systems. Battery Testing The way it has been: Your customer brings in a dead battery and you have to charge it up to test it. Hardly efficient use of your valuable time. Works on all volt automotive-type batteries with cold cranking amp ratings of — This includes batteries found in motor-vehicle, marine, agricultural, forestry, and industrial applications.

The tester operates from either volts AC or its own internal, rechargable 6-volt battery. Features self-calibration, an internal battery check, and an automatic shut-down to reduce power consumption. On certain competitive, carbon-pile load battery testers, the technician must interpret the readings, then make the electrical system diagnosis. Excessive engine drag, due to tight or damaged bearings or piston drag, can also cause an abnormally high starter draw. Charging System Testing Checks the charging system at high rpms and at idle, and stores the data.

Results show regulator volts, peak amps, and a diode condition. Provides battery-sensing measurements to 4, rpm, with 1 rpm resolution. Order Information No. Includes connector cables, internal rechargeable battery, battery charger, and instructions. Numeric key pad for entering information fast is kept clean by a sealed membrane.

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Heavy-duty all steel construction. Heavy-duty power switch lights up for power-on indication. The combination of SABRE heavy load, dynamic charge, and accuracy test technologies yields unparalleled accuracy, and the addition of charge acceptance into the test algorithms further increases the level of accuracy. Precise high-output charging can test, fully charge, and return a battery to service in under 45 minutes. It is specifically designed for all forms of the newer AGM including spiral wound types , gel cell and deep cycle batteries, as well as conventional FLA lead-acid batteries.

Features and Benefits Scroll and menu keys to move through information or select main menu. Circuit protection is on the front of unit for easy reset and visual status. Battery Test Range: Works on all constructions of volt lead-acid, gel-cell, absorbed glass mat AGM , wet cell, spiral-wound batteries. Operating Temperature Range: Optional 15 amp input available. It features an integrated self-test to eliminate bad test leads, thus improving test results and reducing warranty costs to the auto parts retailer. Includes bench tester, mounting pins, alternator cable, starter cable, solenoid cable, test leads, manuals.

Hooded test bay with observation window improves safety. Door interlock switch prevents operation when door is open. Innovative alternator mounting with tensioned idler and a newly designed starter vise. Easy-to-use, Easy-to-use screen prompts guide you through procedures quickly and accurately.

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We are strong believers in customer service, and take pride in shipping promptly and carefully. EN-V stands for Electric Networked Vehicle and is an urban mobility solution to keep pedestrians moving in busy cities of the future. The future? You don't say! The Pagani Huayra. But one question has been on the lips of those who aspire to a Huayra: How much does the Pagani Huayra cost?

Given that is the production car's last hurrah, it makes sad sense that Volvo's not too interested in campaigning a machine that will soon be vacating showrooms.

Mac Tools spark plug voltage tester, model ET3141; KAL Equip fuel injector & harness tester, model

Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Sep 21, Posts: Hey guys, I am looking for a spark plug voltage tester with an lcd display that will give me a reading for my KV through my spark plug wire. My local mechanic showed me his and it was amazing. I could easily locate a failed plug wire from the rest. I looked on the internet to buy one and I can't find any for sale. This is really strange. I've attached one that is similar to the one I want.

Again I can't even buy one. No one is selling them. If any of you guys have one to spare I really want to buy it. These tools seem to be hard to find for some reason. Nick Abrams , Sep 21, Nov 29, Posts: OTC and Actron used to make them, but I searched and couldn't find any info. Budget36 , Sep 22, Mar 11, Posts: I find it shocking that no one sells them any more. BJR , Sep 22, Sep 23, Posts: Worth Texas area. It's all done with computers today. Aug 9, Posts: Does a vintage sun machine have spark plug wire voltage capability? FityFive , Sep 22, Alonzo "Lon" Wilson likes this.

Apr 10, Posts: OTC is now owned by Bosch. Last edited: Sep 22, Truck64 likes this. Mar 3, Posts: Do a search on EBay for "spark analyzer". There are some new and used analyzers that will read kilovolts. Rocket Scientist Chris , Sep 22, Oct 18, Posts: Wish they could leave this stuff alone. Truck64 , Sep 22,