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If the work you are doing is simple, then Finale Notepad might be the way to go. It isn't geared for guitar especially, but it should be able to do most of what you need it too. Good Luck, Cody. Sibelius is a good program also. I also like Guitar Pro and TablEdit. While we're at it My dear Bukena, I have been experimenting on a piece for multiple guitar parts. Is it possible to print multiple staves using Guitar Pro version 5?

Multiple-staff printing doesn't seem to be in the options, unlike Powertab. Available for both Mac and Windows.

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Does tab too. Hey guys, does anyone use any sort of pc software to create guitar transcriptions? Lilypond is a really good piece of software. I been using G7, a sort of stripped down version of Sibelius. Its been fine, but unfortunately midi output is no longer supported with the latest Mac operating system. So eventually I will have to buy something else. Another fun program is Notion. It is fairly easy to use right away, but perhaps not as flexible as Finale or Sibelius. They have a full featured demo you can download, which is nice. I think its important to find a piece of software and stick with it, as alot of these notation programs can have a steep learning curve.

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Neither can Musescore or Noteflight, nor dozens of other programs. Unfortunately Finale is a bitter pain in the ass. I guess it picked-up on the brand names I was talking about, much like I did here. After that, I ditched Finale. I do find Guitar Pro the easiest but I am not as demanding a user as others may be.

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Please fill free to post a comment on the forum: You can also join us on http: Thanks a lot for your interest. I like MuseScore.

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They have circled string numbers, fretting fingering, and pima pick fingering. But am very disappointed in certain aspects. One very important one is their tempo writing ability. There is no fermata, ritard or accellerando, crescendo, etc.

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These are as important to score writing as any other music writing tool is such as the staff, notes, time signature, key signature, etc. How can they ignore tempo variations and holding notes etc? I have read some people who just keep changing the tempo marking little by little to imitate slowing down. Who has hours, weeks, and months to figure it out? And the guitar section is really only good for single note lines, and chords, like writing a jazz chart, and for tab…you can write a symphony with Finale yet they focus on guitar tab!?!?

How do you write for classical guitar, or even delta blues for that matter? Any instrument needs them. I arrange music for guitar. The scores are writen chord-melody style in notation only. I find that being bogged down working out all the input functions in notation software takes me away from creating an arrangement. I would like a logical and very easy approach to music notating.

I would appreciate any help you guys could offer in this regard. It can be used for all sorts of musical styles, including classical music, complex notation, early music, modern music, tablature, Schenker graphs and vocal music. Another generalized piece of music notation software, but this one provides customization options that could be of interest.

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For example, you can set up your score using common templates, such as chamber orchestra, choir, concert band, jazz or piano, or you can start from scratch. With MuseScore , you have access to an unlimited number of staves, and you can set the "initial key signature, time signature, pickup measure anacrusis and number of measures in your score.

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MuseScore is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. If you're focused on writing music for the guitar, the following software programs were created just for you. A re-release of software originally published in the early s. This software creates a music sheet with chords and lyrics from a text file — title, words, and music.

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It uses the ChordPro format for the import, and it supports, among other things, multiple columns, a songbook index, configurable fonts, and chorus marking.