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The idea for Windows users is not so much to let you play Xbox One games on an operating system that developers shun, but to play your Xbox games on a laptop or PC when someone else is hogging the TV to watch Westworld. With OneCast, Mac owners have that same privilege, and it also allows you to play Xbox One games on your MacBook in a more comfortable spot. In essence, getting it to run requires little more than downloading the app , installing it, making sure your Xbox One and Mac are on the same network, signing into Xbox Live through your Mac, and jumping into streaming.

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You can even add multiple Xbox Live profiles if you wish. As with most streaming, performance is largely going to be based on your connection. If you want to see OneCast in action, be sure to check out our episode of Apple Arcade at the top of the page. When I tried streaming with the land connection here in the office which runs around MBps during work hours , the transition was basically lossless aside from a couple of hiccups. Wi-Fi was a different story. One of our Wi-Fi channels here downloads at around 15 MBps, which I figured was a reasonable speed for representing an ordinary connection at home.

Once it did get going, though, it performed well enough that I was usually confident attributing my many deaths in the ultra-punishing platformer Cuphead to my own ineptitude rather than a subpar connection. Also, a bit of a warning: I was streaming from my first-generation Xbox One. OneCast works so well that it serves as a reminder that developers can often rather easily release their products for Macs if they set their minds to it.

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You still need to have an Xbox One to use the service, so Satya Nadella and friends are still getting that sweet pile of cash from some Mac owners anyway. As for the best case? Ideally, though, Microsoft itself could extend support for its Xbox One streaming service to Macs, rendering the whole issue moot.