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MOV and. These formats don't work either. In fact, it seems Streamclip isn't really converting anything at all. This means I can't even get to the starting line of the conversion process. Surely there must be an easy way to get a movie into the greatest movie editor of all time.

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Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. AppleMan AppleMan MOV is a container, not a codec. Similarly, AVI is a container, not a Codec, so saying you have something in AVI does not really provide many clues as to how you might convert it. One way to move forward is to see if your file will open in QuickTIme Player. These are the audio and video codecs. Did I mention that the Audio codecs must be editable as well?

Then it might be possible to give you some specific advice.

Also, iMovie will not edit MOV files that have a closed caption track, a chapter track, or a tween track. These must be removed before importing into iMovie.

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If these exist, you would see them when you open the QuickTime Inspector. Are you talking about opening. Won't open in the Player. Downloaded the recommended WMV Player, which has had no effect. F Shippey F Shippey. Converted into DV.

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  6. For a moment I was fooled into thinking something was going to happen with that. But nothing did. Once again, Apple makes an "upgrade" that isn't, screwing over its customers. Which is the latest version of imovie that will do it? A version I used back in '05 or so seemed to work. Apple Intermediate Codec.

    MOV Converter - Convert QuickTime MOV Video on Mac and Windows

    This was pointed out to me by " zyfert" in Australia. Results are described in thread, "Getting Movies Into iMovie. This is the latest I believe. I found the solution to be using my macbook pro laptop which still has WHy the heck Apple deemed it necessary to screw all apple users buy final cut?? I have NO Idea. Again, apple, get on the ball here. And thanks in advance for decimating my shares with the iPad flop. It won't import a. Ellefsen Ellefsen.

    How to Import Canon 5D Mark IV 4K MP4/MOV to iMovie

    MPEG Streamclip didn't solve it-. What makes me really think.. Especially when the videos can be played with regular quicktime. Can anyone mention some movie file type they know work for sure! Message was edited by: Nameless68 Nameless I have had to convert a lot of my. Any suggestions if you still have the. With toast 10 with HD plug I set up to make a Blue ray disc and dragged the mts files I wanted into it. Mount the DMG and then import into iMovie. So far the test I made work with files from two of my HD cameras. No LONG encoding needed as toast only multiplexes the files into m2ts files over my mts files, what the deference is, I do not know, but it works.

    Edit Canon XF MXF to MOV iMovie

    Only takes minutes not hours! I do not know if toast 9 works the same though. Read more about our use of cookies. You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. All rights reserved. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our Cookies policy. Terms and Conditions apply.

    Convert MOV File to Mp4 on Mac

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    Everything Else. January in Everything Else. If not, what brands would you recommend from an iMovie compatibility point of view? Then how to solve this kind of problem? Step 2: