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Can users read and edit each other's files? What happens when you delete a user account? Read More , then you might face a similar problem. Apps you install on other accounts should not pose a problem. But if you delete the user account, the App Store will not know that you have done so and will encounter similar issues.

The App Store provides regular updates to both system and third-party apps. You might see a familiar Waiting or Installing—Calculating message just beneath the download progress bar. When the download begins, the App Store creates many temporary files in the cache folder. In the first step, you must clear the App Store cache folder as mentioned above. Quit the Mac App Store, then open a Terminal window and type the following command:. Delete everything inside.

Next, you must delete the user com. To do so, go to. If an app gets stuck during the installation or gets corrupted for some reason, then clear the contents of this folder. Otherwise, skip this step. As usual, that's where we come in. This will ensure that when you re-download the update, the processes will not hang again.

Open the Activity Monitor and set its view to All Processes. Type in store to search for App Store related processes, and force-quit all of these daemon processes:. Go to the following folder:. Then press the power button to start your Mac again and the problem should be gone. One of the most notorious problems of the Mac App Store is when it displays the error message Cannot connect to the App Store.

This has multiple causes, but you can solve them. First, you must check your internet connection. Choose the Network item and ensure that there is a green icon next to the network in the left sidebar. Sometime the issue may not be a problem on your end. I intend on updating this article with a clear explanation of how to fix it. But the crux of this issue is with the parental controls in iTunes. Whatever your current settings are, changing them will likely fix the problem.

This is a bug. I noticed it was like this on iTunes on my Mac. I am running an older version of iTunes Perhaps they fixed it in an update. Please let me know what is checked and unchecked on parental controls. It will help me update this article, which will help others who are facing the same issue. I am having the same issue with my iTunes, and also my brother is having the same problem. May be it is a regional issue. I am from Pakistan. I have tried everything suggested by you in this article but in vain. Still cannot connect to iTunes Store. I think parental controls Restrictions may be the problem.

I need to add this to the article. Make sure these are set properly. What happens is that if iTunes U is selected, the iTunes Store is often deselected by default, which blocks access to the iTunes Store.

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Any suggestion please? Unfortunately, everything I know about how to fix this issue is presented in this article. Try everything listed in this article, and hopefully it will work. I cannot connect to my itunes store, when i open my itunes store it gives the error Connot connect to itunes store. Tried everything you said in the post and nothing works. What can I do?? As a last resort, you can restore it to factory settings. You will need to enter some account information again and download updates.

This will basically restore your Apple TV 3 back to original, factory settings. It seems like your network connection is OK. This should clear out any bad configuration data that may be cached in the iTunes Store app. I recommend connecting your iPhone to a computer with iTunes. I am using I phone 6s. Need some guide line my cell number It could be an issue with your Apple ID. Make sure that your user name and password are correct. Try this:. Make sure to get the correct Apple ID and password and sign in again.

What error message are you getting? If so, follow the steps in this article. You can also try doing a reset. That said, the current issue today and yesterday with the iTunes Store is a problem in the data center. I cannot access to Itunes just because the versions do not match,i can no longer update the version of my itunes,and my phone is IOS 9. I have the ssme problem. I am operating my id and passward on laptop correctly. But it is not working on my iohone 4s. Please give suggestion how can i recovrr my data from the cell. Your iPhone 4S will restart and it might work. It could also be a network issue.

Can you connect to websites or anything on the Internet using this device? It could be that the email address or password associated with the Apple ID are incorrect. Keep trying!

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There seems to be a problem with the iTunes Store right now. Why would they do maintenance during peak usage? Hi My iphone was restored with iCloud account. Try logging out of your iTunes Store account and then logging back in. Next, tap on your Apple ID at the top.

Tap Sign Out when prompted. Finally, sign in again with that Apple ID. It should either work or inform you about the problem. Hi, I am experience problems with my iStore and appStore. It says the terms have service have updated when trying to download apps but then when trying to open the iStore to accept it crashes and says there is an issue. When I try to go through the iStore itself it says it cannot connect.

My problem is on my iPhone. I am fully connected to the Internet, my date and time are fine, and my other Apple ID requests work with other places. My issues is the App Store. I had changed my primary email a couple of hours ago. It worked when I relogged into Apple and the App Store. I updated my itunes and iphone 6. Now the itunes cant detect my device and I have tried restarting both laptop and phones. Are you referring to the WiFi sync? If so, you sometimes need to plug your iPhone into your computer using the USB cable to get the sync working again, after certain iOS upgrades.

I just updated to iOS I cannot download any apps with this problem. Can you help? Hey, i did a soft reset by pressing the home and sleep key as you told and it worked like a charm!! The reset fixes a lot of problems. Whenever I have a problem with any iOS device, I reset it. I never reboot my Mac. I updated to IOS I contacted Apple and worked with two different support people for hours on two different occasions. She said she had same model ipad and was having same issue!

I tried everything they have suggested… over and over again. Any suggestions? I used to upgrade the day they were released. Now I wait a few months. They may have suggested this, but I would try resetting the device. Your device will start back up after a few minutes. Another thing to try — sign out and back in to the iTunes Store. You can sign back in from there, or when your device needs your Apple ID.

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Since your WiFi network seems to be an issue, you could try forgetting the WiFi network and then signing in again. Tap on the forget network button and then sign in again with the WiFi password. I would also try restarting your WiFi router. As usual, Apple will be silent about this and then release a patch sometime, unless they can fix it on the server side. Thank you for your reply and suggestions! I have tried all those things you suggested multiple times. Nothing works! Using a different wifi source, I was able to access the Apple site and verify my Apple id.

There are a few things that keep me with Apple products — high quality hardware, excellent multimedia creation capabilities peerless on mobile devices , and unfortunately ecosystem lock-in hundreds of dollars of iTunes movies, TV shows and apps.

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That said, their services are abysmal. Unfortunately, there are no third-party alternatives. Your devices are hobbled without the Apple ID authentication working.

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They really need to step it up. Google and Amazon are flawless when it comes to server-side technology and data center operations. An iPhone is enough iOS for me. Unfortunately, Apple has really gotten into the business of hobbling older devices. My old iPhone 4, which I still keep around, is actually still quite usable because they cut it off from iOS updates.

Now they are tricking users into updating older devices, but the updates render them useless. The Apple I loved headed by Steve Jobs had people buying devices because they were great. Now they seem to be tricking people into upgrading devices, instead of having them do it out of brand loyalty and respect. Could you please help? Thank you! Finally I was so fed up and I reset all the settings, after which I was able to login. And my lovely iPhone tells me to connect with iTunes. How can I fix this problem? Please help me. The good news is that Apple will fix these problems.

I really wish Apple would allow it, even if it meant starting with a clean slate. My hunch is they do it so they can brag about how many people upgraded to the new version of iOS. I guess there are some edge cases.

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If someone upgraded to iOS 10, purchased an app that required iOS 10 and then downgraded, they could no longer use the app. They could issue a refund. Apple likes to keep things simple, however. Hang in there. It will get better. I used to upgrade to the new version of iOS the day it launched. Now I wait weeks or even months.

I get it, millennials love iPhones tattoos and stretched earlobes and Apple caters to them. Other operating systems… Well, you have to wonder how they come up with their cockamamie features. AirDrop is so much better, but their competitor used it as a selling point. Their competitor also tried to compete on battery life, to disastrous results. Now there are reports another model in their smartphone lineup is having the same problem. I am unable to open or download updates to my apps.

My iTunes account email address is associated with an old email address. I see your dilemma. I say yes every time but nothing happens after that. Yet in diagnostics it recognizes that I have an account, serial, phone, etc. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. Yet I can go anywhere else I want on the internet, including Apple sites.

Host file: And so on. There should be no reason for this. It worked about a year ago then stopped working and I have given up on Apple except using the phone for texts and emails. Verizon will back up most everything but not messages. I want to scream. Or go to Android. I have spent literally all day on this. Just a thought — can you verify that the USB port and cable are working properly? I was ripping my hair out trying to update a different device not Apple and it ended up being the USB port.

One last suggestion — try doing a reset. When iOS comes back up, try plugging it into your computer. So my iPhone 6 says I have a pending update to iOS Help please its driving me nuts. They probably fixed it in You can try doing a reset. After updating my iPhone 5S to After hours of troubleshooting — restarting the phone, signing in and out from App Store etc.

Both App Store and iTunes Store were set to off. Hope this helps. I want to change that ID and want to login with a new one. Your Apple ID is your email address. Once you have your Apple ID, you can use the same site to reset your password. If they did, anyone could hack into your account. I cannot connect to the iTunes store.

"Could not connect to the server" Mac App Store Error Fix

I have tried using my Apple ID and it still will not work and I cannot restart my device. Try it again later.

How to fix Mac App Store download problems

Next, tap on Sign Out. Tap on that and sign in. This fixes most problems with iTunes Store accounts. I had this same problem and spent a full day on trying to fix it while receiving Apple tech help also. I finally fixed it by clicking settings, general then scroll to very bottom and click reset. Finally the last thing I did was reset my network settings! A few iOS 10 users have complained about this problem and posited this solution. Thanks for adding the comment.

It will likely help a frustrated user. Apple has a website to do this and some documentation. It looks pretty straightforward. Try logging into Appleid. Now go back to your device and enter your password for iTunes again. It worked for me! One is that your email and password were wrong or entered incorrectly. When you login, it pulls up information about your account. You can freely browse the App Store, but when you purchase something, you authenticate with a server. Their choice of error messages is unfortunate. It should be something more specific. Plus when I enter my Apple ID it shows verifying connection failed and then the password needs to be updated.

I think there may be a problem with your password. Roy Trenneman would agree with that solution. My problem is not connecting. Return to the app's page in the App Store and click the Buy button again. The time it takes to download depends on the size of the app and your Internet connection speed. If you can't connect to the App Store, learn how to address connection issues. You must update your apps with the same Apple ID that you used to download them originally.

Get help with the App Store on your Mac Use these steps if the App Store on your Mac stops responding, or you encounter a problem while trying to purchase or update apps. The app downloads to and installs on your Mac. You won't be charged a second time. If you see "Update unavailable with this Apple ID. You try to update a refunded or canceled purchase.