Make linux mint 13 look like mac os x

Use a La capitaine icon theme: Dario 1 year ago Hello, all themes are excellent and integrates very well with all applications except gparted, can you fix it?.

How to make Ubuntu look like MacOS Mojave! (Apple meets Linux) Ubuntu Customization Guide

I currently use Linux Mint cinnamon Eppazufaw 1 year ago Thanks for your work, great. SoCalBeachRunner 1 year ago Great themes. Love 'em, Thanks! I'm running Ubunto Maybe wrong theme page? SoCalBeachRunner 1 year ago Correction: OSX-Arc-Plus file isn't part of this theme, had installed it just prior. Thanks again.

Make Linux Mint 19 Looks Like Mac OS X Mojave | Manjaro dot site

Mine just stays to the right. Ubuntu VastRt Oct 08 Madkita Jun 26 Orion Jan 28 CloudyWizzard Jan 14 Goomb Jan 13 AV1Aca Jan 10 Caos Dec 29 Brahimsalem Nov 16 Tyshawn21 Jul 28 Tiboriyo Jul 28 Kamelot Oct 20 Jocix Sep 05 Share Tweet. Based on: Feb 05 Macterial - GTK3 Themes updated: Feb 01 Apr 16 More GTK3 Themes from elbullazul: OS X Version 2. Updated to address issues with window-decoration giving exceptionally large resize-area around SSD-windows. Because of changes to nautilus, Gnome 3. Unfortunately these changes conflict with the old theme.

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So I made versions especially for Gnome 3. See in the 'Files' tab for the downloadable themes. It is also available in the download-section of this page. For the Linux Mint Cinnamon community here is a special version: NEW How to install: There is 5 files to choose: Next OSX uses titlebuttons on the left-side: To put the buttons to the left open a terminal: When, as such, theming does not look the way it should be: This has different names depending on your distro.

The themes for upload are in no way affiliated to any official Apple software, and are presented under the GPlv2. Last changelog: Update 1 month ago Update. Please login or register to add a comment. Changes to version 1: Especially the new Thunar looks allot thinner. This version is primarily to address issues with the exceptionally large resize-area around SSD-windows.

Added a Gnome Please login. McOS-themes Original.

Make Unity Look Like macOS

Update 1 month ago Update comments. Do you really want to report this comment? Etamuk 21 days ago Thank you for this great themes.

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Imo this is the best MacOS-theme for Linux! There are a lot of versions, but yours is really great! I am using it on my Linux Mint Cinnamon system. I think it should be Mac-like blue? This version has not this nice blue dropdown arrows for dropdown-menus.

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There is also no Close-button in nemo settings window. Best regards. Etamuk 19 days ago Hello again, i found another "bug": I am using the mail app geary, installed from her PPA. Please see my screenshots.

MacBuntu - theme and icons Mac OS X style on Linux Mint

Etamuk 19 days ago I found a workaround for this bug by delaying autostart 5 sec for this app. I deleted all my other themes. But i have some problems about this theme, it would be greater if you could solve this problem.

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Because all mails are seeing white and hard to discriminate between read or unread mails. May you set unreaded mails text colour white and read mails colour grey? Thanks again PowderLinux 1 month ago Hey.