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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes Steam Achievements. Share Embed. Free to Play. Play Game. See All. Add all DLC to Cart. Because we have a two day off sight meeting that starts tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure it still went out. The main reason I add them to the start of the Updated, is not to show boat, but this is actually the hardest part to write week in and week out. So it is nice to have something to open the Status Update with.

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This week I just have a few quick updates, my accuracy is getting much more consistent and I can now hit the yellows more often than not, which is a nice little confidence boost. I have finally tied my peep sight in properly, as I was unaware that it was not and now it does not float up and down… I know, looking back I should have known something was not right, but thats learning!

I decided to go for a G5 C-Max, as I really like their products and they look well engineered. They are limb activated as well, which means there will be no more interference on my buss cable when the shot is released. This weeks video I managed to stumble across randomly, one bonus of having autoplay on while I type away. This gives a good indication of what goat hunting is like, this is however in Australia and not New Zealand.

By the looks of it, I would say these goats do not get shot at a lot, but it does provide a good indication of how close you can get to them. Valentines Event In case you missed it, our annual Valentines Event is now on! To find out more details you can read the official post in our forums.

I like the look of it and will be taking it out with me on my next hunt! Whether you love Sambar or hate them, I am sure these will provide a good challenge. The 5 unique missions are: Target must be standing idle when shot. Closest shot wins. The skull may not be hit. Highest combined score wins. The Proud Stag The highest scoring Sambar Deer taken down with 1 shot while you are in a standing position is your competition entry. Target must be shot in the heart. Other organs may be hit. Highest score wins. Call of the Jungle The average score of your top 3 unspooked, male Sambar Deer each shot under 40 meters Approx.

Targets must be shot from a treestand. Highest average score wins. The Gluttonous Stag The highest weighing male Sambar Deer taken down with 1 shot using any permitted shotgun is your competition entry. Intestines may not be hit.

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Heaviest weight wins. Rare and Trophy of the Week These Weekly competitions are super popular. Have a great week all, TK. This week I am going to ask you if you actually enjoy reading about my archery progression and hunting adventures?

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As I was thinking last night, perhaps it is a drag to read and you are just here for the game news? So please let me know in the comments, no offense will be taken, I thought I should just give you guys a say in it all. This weeks video is something that one of my rifle friends showed me, he likes to give me stick about converting to archery, so in jest he suggested I could use one of these.

Might be more fun on the Mac, if the animals attacked like in the iPad version. The use of in-app purchases however has turned me off to the game.

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To obtain better scopes and rifles, etc. You earn "in game cash", but for the most part there is nothing that you can use it for. You must buy "gold" with real money to purchase upgrades. To make the game more entertaining and engrossing for the player, the rewards earned should equal a payout for the player ability to use their achievements. Allow for exchange of "in game cash" to be exchanged for "gold" to buy upgrades. Like I said, the game is good, its the rewards system that allows for advancement in the game that is flawed!

For this reason I gave it an OK rating vs. I didn't like it, because I like it but it cost too much to keep playing. I've gotten to level 45 without purchasing anything. There was a little bit where I wasn't able to pass a level completely because I didn't have the right gun and I couldn't buy anything because I didn't have enough money from the hunts. I got it eventually and have the best gun you can buy without spending any real money on gold. The game keeps on asking if I want to buy another gun even though it's inferior to what I have. The game lets you try some guns out for free sometimes to try to get you to buy it.

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance Updated Terms of Use.

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This Month in Deer Hunter Classic! Gold Rush! Hunter's Permits- Costs adjusted to let you intrepid Hunter's travel more! Hunter's Crates- We've improved how the Crates work to ensure that you get what you want more often. On top of that, we've added more stuff to each Crate too! General Improvements - We've ironed out a whole gamut of bugs to make your experience the best it can possibly be! A new slew of updates heads out into Deer Hunter Classic! Travel Express to any Region you want!

Perfect for the Hunter on the go! More mysterious mysteries await in our new crates. New Look, Special Bonuses, Better payouts, better items! The shop has been polished up to help you find what you need, when you need it! Go all in with Shotgun only Challenger Leagues! New in Deer Hunter Classic with v3. Tagged Hunts — Kill only the animals marked in your color. With the New Year settling in, we've got a ton of updates for Deer Hunter! Player Mode —Challenge fellow hunters in tests of skill! Equip them with mods and make each gun in your collection truly unique!

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Introducing Gold and Diamond Eagles! Open special crates to find mods, blueprints, and upgrade parts! Celebrate the holiday season with amazing gifts! You're sure to get lucky! Enjoy our Daily Login benefits! Dec 10, Version 3. Information Seller Glu Games Inc.

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