Mac spinning wheel a lot

Opening up Activity Monitor is a good way to get an overview and insight into something which may be the cause to the problem. As a long-term solution you should look at upgrading the drive in your machine from a standard hard drive to an SSD Solid State Drive. These types of drives contain no moving components and are much faster than regular hard drives. Increasing the RAM memory can also help to speed up and improve the performance of the computer. Your email address will not be published.

Listed below are some useful tips to try when the spinning wait cursor appears, plus how to avoid it returning: Shut down and restart Sometimes simply turning things off and back on again can fix those pesky problems please note not all of the time! You can then force quit the offending application. There's a good chance, though, that the next time you try launching the application that caused the SPOD, you'll end up seeing the spinning pinwheel again. Repairing permissions was a good first step, provided you're using OS X Yosemite or earlier.

Fix Apple logo spinning wheel not loading start up METHODE 2017!!!

With the release of OS X El Capitan, Apple added a new feature that made manually repairing file permissions no longer necessary. Now file permissions are automatically repaired whenever a software update occurs. As a result, if you're using OS X El Capitan or later, you can skip repairing file permissions and move on to step two.

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The second thing I do is clear the dynamic link editor dyld cache. The dynamic link editor is a way for OS X to load and link programs to shared libraries. If the application in question uses a shared library of routines in OS X and most applications do indeed use shared libraries , it's the dynamic link editor's job to get the application and the shared library on speaking terms. The dynamic link editor keeps a cache of recently used library entry points.

What to do When You Get Mac’s Spinning Rainbow Wheel

It's this cache of data that, should it become corrupt, can cause the SPOD. I don't know what causes the cache to go bad, but the phases of the moon and unusual weather patterns are as good a reason as any. The point is that clearing the cache out will usually eliminate the SPOD.

Cleaning out the dyld cache can clear a SPOD or beachball

Once the password is accepted, Terminal may display some warning messages about mismatches in the dlyd cache. Select Apple menu and go to System Preferences. There you will find Spotlight. Pick the Privacy tab. Drag the target item you wish to index once more to the locations list that Spotlight cannot research. After that, push the minus button to replace it.

How to Stop ‘Spinning Wheel’ on Mac

Shut down System Preferences. Got Some Idle Money?

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Purchase Additional RAM. Start with erasing caches. Shut down all windows and stop the apps. Push the Option key and pick Go in the Finder application. From the drop-down menu, choose Library.

Getting spinning wheel a lot on early MBP, thinking about adding SSD | MacRumors Forums

Safari Right-click the com. Safari and choose Move to Trash. Shut down the windows. Restart Safari. Eliminate com. Start with the backup with the help of TimeMachine, iCloud, or other available options. Pick Empty Trash.

Getting spinning wheel a lot on early 2011 MBP, thinking about adding SSD

Stop all apps. Push the Option button and select Go in Finder window. Pick Library form the offered menu. Move this way: Reboot the computer and restart the target browser. Pick Start Using Safari link. In case this method proves ineffective, restore com. To do so, take the following steps: