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Your Graphics card can also have an effect on this too. Basically, try and choose. See the announcement: Firestorm Viewer Release 4. Also, Inra has a nice review of this release up here: I used to get a choice, now I have to move the folder and make a new shortcut for my system. It is a minor whinge since on the whole this is a graet piece of code! Congratualtions once again to the devs. Error 0xba: Failed authenticode verification of payload: Same error. This is NOT a clean install. On the other hand I am hugely reluctant to zap my existing installation until I am sure this one will install.

You need to update your root certificates http: You will need to update your operating system root certificates. You get do that from here.. We cannot provide support or help in these blog comments. If you need or want help please contact our support team through the correct channels. See our support page for more information. We meaning support staff sometimes visit the blog and post comments.

Sometimes not. Your best bet for support related questions is inworld via our Firestorm Viewer support group or through the jira. You need to goto your access page and become an Administrator rather than a user. MS is really retarded here, since this problem has been going on since 3. Once you set yourself up as an Administrator, stay there.

How is Microsoft retarded? Cant find a simple fps counter that would show just numbers, so i had to use the led. Cant find a way of removing the, sorry to type as this: Message, that we are entering on a region running a diff simulator version. For some that travels every day on a few hundreds of mainland regions, to see every time we cross a sim, that thing, is simply disturbing at the best. Of course i forgot to tell that i run all at ultra, lifelike settings, shadows up to 4x and draw distance, without a single fps issue, finnaly some viewer that justifies my Gtxti investment.

Win 7 64b, 12 giga ram ddr3 and intel 7 cpu my other main requirements. Hoooo and bridge detached always Sorry but i do refuse to use that thing until some shows me why we do need it on open sim or even on Sl , ao feature on on Open sim, off on Sl as i use sub ao there. So in the end, no problems to install, launch and start enjoying OSgrid. On Sl, besides those really annoying notices, for some that moves around so many sims and that i do hope one wil tell me how to deactivate asap, worked as expected. If Firestorm team decides to do a lite version, just with v3 interface and just the features one really needs for sure it will be my viewer on sl as it is on open sim.

As at now, it is a pretty good improvement but not my Sl viewer. What I have works fine for me as it is. What I have now 64 bit is wonderful enough. To me this is not fixed. Fantastic viewer, the best FS yet. I greatly disliked 4.

This new 4. Every single issue I had in the previous version seems to have been cleaned up. Well done, Firestorm team. Odd thing. I am getting the same thing, but nobody answered their question. Does anybody know what this means? Well, in general this version seems to use a smaller memory footprint while running. Two things. It may not matter so much for those with high end systems, but it most certainly does on lower end ones. The performance increase I get as far as my camera view rendering and my basic FPS with the current LL viewer using similar settings to what I use with Firestorm is fairly significant.

For interaction within a single sim, Firestorm is adequate. When I want to hop in a vehicle and cross sims one after the other? This is quite annoying and ruining many effects around the world. This is an image of a brass ejection effect that used to work but now is broken. Yes, this is a known bug on all viewers that support ribbon particles. Please see: I just bought a new souped up laptop, and it is fitting that the day the laptop arrived, you release the newest version of Firestorm. I love it. Running latest viewer on iMac yes, did a clean install. OS — Processor — 3. My problem is viewing mesh.

Is there a setting change that I can make so that all mesh looks correct in my viewer. The only real fix for your problem is updating to Mavericks. Please see http: I still suffer from stretched meshes, with clean install, and the following specs: Processor 3. You are using the 4. Only 4. Objects and mesh load 5 times slower 2. Text editing responsiveness slows down with lower frame rates 3. Alt-clicking sends my camera to weird places 4. Lower fps at complicated meshes 5. Milky Windlight waters 6. Smaller script font.

Each version after 4. Well, you will be seeing all fitted mesh as stretched on 4. Are you using webroot antivirus software? This is known to cause poor performance and very slow rezzing on newer viewer versions because it scans the viewer cache in real time. This is a known Cocoa bug on Mac — see http: There is however a test build available with a fix for this bug. Leave a comment on http: Also a known Cocoa bug on Mac on all versions after 4.

This is also a known issue since the Materials code was added to the viewer — see http: This one will probably not be fixed however. Others have complained about this too — see http: There needs to be a BIG red label no the download page, release summary, announcements making clear that XP is not allowed with this version.

I spent 15 min downloading. It will also remind the folks how many of us are still using XP since I am sure you will receive a fair amount of feedback asking for XP support. With an eye the resource allocation argument: Once your Windows XP is up to date, the viewer will install. Gosh XPuser, You may want to get a little more involved with your pc if you intend to keep running an OS that the OS maker no longer supports.

Do you really imagine the world of software is going to devote a lot of resources to making sure their programs work on an OS that was released nearly 13 years ago?. I have XP computers but I also know full well that keeping them running is increasingly falling to me and the decisions I make. I would seriously recommend that you start socking away your shekels in anticipation of the likely necessity of getting up to date or you may find your self painted into a very small corner.

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I notice that behavior when the scenario is still uploading. Mesh items sometimes seem to be the latest to render correctly. But that problem is not exclusive to Firestorm. Sadly can not reinstall previous. It would be helpful if you can file a JIRA issue giving your system information and snapshots showing whats going wrong with your graphics. You can download the older versions of Firestorm here: All the downloads are listed here: Is there an option to enable this?? Sorry, i do not like complaining, but this is one and only thing that bothered me greatly.

JIRA issue filed at http: E as enxergam meu avatar com luzes saindo dele,ou em tira de mesh,sao algumas pessoas,algumas me enxergam normal. Preciso da ajuda de voces para corrigir esse erro!

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Failed to parse tree file. The installer should work on Windows Vista. If you are having problems installing, please file a support ticket on the JIRA and support can help you. I also cannot get the new Firestorm to install on Windows Vista. I click on the installer, get the little green wheel for a second or two, and then … nothing happens. I did a clean install so now I have exactly 0 usable versions of Firestorm. Very frustrating. The older downloads can always be found here: Pat we can have no idea why the installer is failing for you without more information. Please file a JIRA issue and support will help you: After installing the new viewer, then uninstalling, then reinstalling, then doing the full clean instal process twice I still cant get on SL!

It is always the same thing I am able to log on, my character comes out of the cloud into the avi.

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  8. Then RLV fails to connect, and I crash. I am almost about to give up. This new update is so horrible!!! Please fix so that I can move around, teliport, heck even talking to other people would be an improvement over what I am able to do after this update…. We need at least your full system information and your crash logs to have any idea what is wrong here.

    Please file a support ticket on the JIRA giving your system information and logs. This page tells you how to do this: WE would need to see your logs to have any idea of why you are crashing. If that does not help the please file a JIRA issue and be sure to add your log files. As someone who has used Firestorm since it first came out I wish you guys would sort the basics out. I know my way round the viewer because I have been using it so long and have tried to champion you all along.

    Irritation no. Main bugbear is I cannot visit a busy SIM without crashing because of texture discards due to out of memory errors. With each release of FS this problem gets worse. My system is up to date and this is not a Windows problem. Firestorm has gone from being the best SL viewer to being almost unusable in the time I have been using it. I have now resorted to the official SL viewer with all its horrible HCI issues — but at least I can stay online with it.

    We cant really help you unless we get more information. If you file a JIRA issue and be sure to include a paste of all your system information and attach a zip of your logs folder after a crash, we can take a look. This page tells you what to do: I have a Toshiba laptop L, core i3, Windows 7, 64 bit. I was running FS version 4. I did a clean install every time. In fact, I have gone through my computer this last time and deleted any and every file associated with Firestorm before the install. It is as though I have installed Firestorm for the very first time. Please, can anyone help me???

    I am at my wits end!!! First thing to try is manual cache clean — see http: If that does not help, please download and install the official LL viewer from https: If it does its likey to be a graphics driver problem. Make sure you are on the latest driver for your card and if that does not help, please file a JIRA issue making sure to give a paste of all your system information you can get this from the 4.

    This page tells you what to do and what info to include: If you are unable to login, you can file a support ticket on our JIRA: This is bullshit that the installer does not inform me about errors. And how can I know what is wrong?! What happened with windlights? My windlights looks horrible in this version. How can i fix that? What happened with the windlights? Follow Us! Join Second Life! Create Account. Recent Posts Firestorm 6. Happy New Year Party! Firestorm v6. Firestorm Christmas Party!

    Best viewer and settings for a Mac? - Second Life Viewer - SecondLife Community

    Dec 15th. Eighth Year! So much generosity, fundraiser complete! A Firestorm Fund Raiser! I must be the only RLVa user in the Firestorm user-base. Gazillions of members but they seem to be stuck on a smartphone-zombi level. Thanks a lot to the FS-Team! No kerfuffle at all. Carry on! Hello, I can not use the new version because when I enter preferences the message appears: I wait 10 min and it does not return to normal.

    I already did a clean installation and it did not work , The problem happens only when I go into preference. I wonder if this is happening when pulling some system information via dxdiag. Yes, we know the grid status widget is broken. Thank you for this update. I did a clean install including completely removing the old version from my pc registry. It only takes me an hour or so to reset my settings which is not a big deal for me. This version runs great! I was last getting about 33 FPS with the previous version. My avi is loading faster Lara mesh body, Catwa head, mesh hair, and all mesh clothes on log and after teleports with this version.

    Scenery loads fast too. Anims seems faster. However, I experimented and set my LOD between 2. Saved my backups. Uninstalled Firestorm and installed the new 64 Havoc version. Restored Settings. Logged back in.

    Firestorm for Second Life + Basic Game Play

    Waited for my far too large inventory to load back up my fault , took my shirt off to make sure my boobs bounced up and down. All is well! Nice work Firestorm! Firestorm 5. Mesh should never be uploaded with Analyze on OpenSim because it causes broken mesh that can crash the viewer, but unfortunately there is a fair bit of content that was uploaded in this way.

    Is your friend on SL having the problem with that same bookcase or different objects? Looked at a 3 piece item- each piece dif values SO? Can you please revert the inspect floater? Put these piles of numbers somewhere else for people who can do something with them or just like them? Anyone else having trouble installing the new version of Firestorm on Windows 8. Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file. The install never completes. Patricia de Chenier. So ladies and gents, yes… DO back your old FS before installing the new one.

    Thank you for the new release. So good that I am even considering giving up on Singularity, terrible update. Regarding the broken movelock, you probably have a broken bridge.

    Movelock is a bridge function. Does that fix the problem with Movelock? OK Firestorm, what is going on? Your JIRA site has been down since before this update was released. When will it be restored so that we can legitimately ask for help and report bugs? The JIRA is being migrated to a new server.

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    Hopefully it will be back up soon! I use two computers — an old PC running Windows 7 and a newer laptop running Windows The latest version of the Firestorm viewer works fine on my laptop, but when I use it on my PC almost half my inventory goes missing. Just wondering if anyone else is having similar inventory problems.

    Login on the affected system on the affected viewer. Make sure you are only logged in on this viewer at the time. Does that fix the problem? Yes, Whirly, you were absolutely right. Problem fixed. A million thanks for your patient advice. Much appreciated. I just installed the new viewer 64 bit over the top of 5. But when I start the viewer, it still shows as 5. Should I totally remove 5. Are you perhaps launching the viewer using the old 5. This could happen if you used a different custom install location for either 5.

    Mewling Moy: In a word, Yes. NB This is strictly my advice and in no way official! This wiki page explains how to file a JIRA: I updated and I noticed my pupils in my eyes now are very foggy when they are in any type of light. I heard this is a glitch? Is that true? This page tells you how to file a JIRA issue: I saw the image you posted in Firestorm support English group: Are those mesh eyes? It looks like you may have a low level of glow on those eyes. Oh good. I have that mesh head. Is there any way to turn off the information on how many files and folders are in each folder in the inventory?

    I have no need of this feature and its visually annoying. Perhaps something to consider in the future if not? Another world class Linux viewer. This viewer sits on the edge of a huge change that is about to come. My donations to the team have been used wisely.

    Thank you FS Team for bringing a fine product to the community. I would like to know why everytime I log in to Second Life that the viewer opens one or more group chats, that I have specifically set to not do that on few groups I am in. Yes, this can happen unfortunately, especially with very chatty groups. Because the group chat block is local only, if a group chat post from one of your blocked groups comes through before the local block list has loaded, the group chat will open.

    Would the Firestorm developers kindly consider going back to the old highlighted grid while in edit mode please? If you think this is a bug, please can you file a JIRA issue: Thanks for the update team. I did every single item on the wiki as far as dealing with lag and my experience is still degraded badly, and this on a home-brew rig with plenty of power. Which operating system are you using? There is a known file picker crash on Mac that Apple fixed in High Sierra. Updating to High Sierra will fix the crash, or, see here: Pure garbage… this update even could not load my texture cache… it got stucked even if I left it 30 mins trying to load….

    If you mean that textures are loading horribly slowly inworld — this could be caused by several things. Uncached textures will load slowly if you have a slow connection — however this will be the same on any viewer, nothing specific to the latest Firestorm version. Hi, something really important I found out about last update: I usually run around on settings High with Shadows enabled. After the update and clean install I walk around with extremely low fps and textures load and unload to grey even just by turning my avatar.

    It seams like cache is NOT working at all. I added Firestorm as allowed app to Windows Defender hoping it would fix that. When I put shadows off the textures load in seconds all of them Then I put shadows back on and if zoom in or out or turn, they go back to grey. For someone with mild ocd it is unbearable. I need shadows in my Second Life. So Shadows off is not an option.

    Very dissatisfied with the last release. All the ins and outs mean little to me as I am just a user. uses cookies.

    Very frustrating! Still having problems logging onto SL since the maintenance issue 1. At times it will allow a full log on for about a minute and bump me off. A Yes please add a acronyms for dummies section or IT it down pls. Remodeling a business sim that normally took me a couple of days for a 30K prim base is now taking weeks.

    So I clean installed the 5. Please advise how I can get it to where it took me months to get it to where it was before? Have you checked your inventory sorting options? Sorry huh but since new version i have many problem i have read all forum and make one ticket to linden but nothing all rez yeah, but my avi and my invotory stay fetching Oh i have install , empty cash, make one debug setting , i have make all but nothing …. If you are still having problems, please can you contact Firestorm support. For the Mac users having trouble with High Sierra, I did solve most of my problems by doing a clean install.

    I removed FS and reinstalled it. But there was a catch: Anything is better than dead silence. I swore I uploaded physics with mesh no problem I the past. The OpenSim versions of Firestorm do not have Havok support, so you will need to create your own physics. I think otherwise you end up with a physics shape that is the exact shape of the mesh… Which is silly. Any suggestions? Follow Us! Join Second Life! Create Account.

    Install Phoenix Firestorm viewer for Second Life on Mac OSX

    Recent Posts Firestorm 6. Happy New Year Party! Firestorm v6. Firestorm Christmas Party! Dec 15th. Eighth Year! So much generosity, fundraiser complete! A Firestorm Fund Raiser! Firestorm Release! Staff Blogs The views expressed in these blogs belong to the authors and are not necessarily those of the Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc. No Longer Code-Signed We have stopped code-signing our windows binary due to costs and lack of benefits. January 25, The Valeyard January 25, Cinder Roxley January 25, Dean Haystack January 25, Whirly Fizzle January 25, Mikki January 25, AnukManeewong January 25, Kodaijin January 25, Hotaru Ito January 25, Tonya Souther January 25, Lower land impact due to creators cutting out LOD models is a pretty good reason.

    Grey January 25, Whirly Fizzle January 26, Greetings Ito Hotaru. Bob January 25, Storm January 25, Bob January 26, Crim Mip January 26, Hotaru Ito January 28, Crim Mip February 7, Whirly Fizzle January 28, Tarocco January 25, Shanti Ra January 25, Oh awesome! Thanks for the update! Sarali January 25, Gotcha, thank you!

    Sarali January 28, BUT, I would like to say: I January 25, Starlight January 25, If you want to copy settings to another computer that has a different windows username. Simple as that, I been doing that since the days of emerald, to phoenix, to firestorm. Hope that helps. Oww goodie new shiny Firestorm! Restore settings, done! Wait no… where are my buttons? Benski January 25, NoPotato January 25, Desy January 25, Desy January 31, CatGirl January 25, CatGirl January 26, That was really ridiculous of you to attack someone over it and go on about stealing.

    RavenSkye February 23, Whirly Fizzle February 25, Well, attack was wrong word Tired, I have excuses , but you know what I mean. Renee Panthar February 27, Whirly Fizzle February 27, Benjamin Opel January 25, Aishagain Resident January 25, Kathrin January 25, Is anyone else seeing odd behaviour with avatar physics? Kylie April 4, Whirly Fizzle April 6, Menion Azalee January 25, Sensual Sparkle January 25, Alex Ponebshek January 26, I agree with Alex Ponebshek — please consider securing the website.

    Rachel January 27, Thanks Alex. I passed your comment onto the team members who deal with the server. Daddy Patrick Ornias January 26, RV January 26, Abbi Quartz January 26, Ai Austin January 26, Sorry for typos… a bit more conext for the crash from the logs… T Ansariel Hiller January 26, Ai Austin January 27, Ansariel Hiller January 27, Ai Austin January 29, Whirly Fizzle January 29, Ansariel Hiller January 29, Aishagain Resident January 26, Sylvie Jeanjacquot January 26,