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The game sees you take control of Homer on a mission to save the city from an evil plan hatched by Mr Burns and View full description. Softonic review Remember the classic Simpsons arcade game from the 90s?

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Experience the mining, creating and surviving game in your pocket. Grand Theft Auto: Download Simpsons Arcade 1.

Join Homer on his donut crusade

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Simpsons Arcade Join Homer on his donut crusade. Download and installation help.

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Best free alternatives. Your review for Simpsons Arcade -. Press Keyboard right side: Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows.

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Some will use the mouse. The Simpsons is a side-scrolling beat 'em up for up to four players, with each one playing as a member of the Simpsons family; Marge, who swings her vacuum cleaner, Homer, who punches and kicks, Bart, who wields his skateboard, and Lisa, who attacks with a jump rope. Along with the standard array of jumping and attacking, two players can combine together to form a joint attack, which differs depending on which characters are used. uses cookies.

For example, Homer can lift Bart up to use him as a melee weapon, whilst teaming him up with Marge puts them into a powerful cartwheel attack. Players can also pick up food items to restore health, as well as objects they can throw at enemies and power-ups that temporarily give them better attacks. Players are given a small number of lives, which are lost if the player's life bar runs out. If the player runs out of life with no lives remaining represented by a Bart-like devil appearing before them , their game ends, though they may continue by adding credits.

The Japanese version of the game included small scale nuclear bombs that, when thrown, clear all on-screen enemies, as well as a life bar that can be doubled by eating food when your character's health was full. At certain points in the game, players compete against each other in button-bashing minigames to earn additional points computer controlled characters replace characters not being played by humans.

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