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How to Use PhotoSweeper: Before you start using this application, we recommend that you go into the Preferences section and setup how you want your image duplicates to be treated. You can choose to Auto Mark the best ones, compare settings, filter and sort preferences, cache location and so on. It'll save you a lot of back and forth time later on. That done, you can import specific folders or libraries into the interface and hit "Compare" to rapidly match the photos against the rest of the library or folder and find duplicates.

Once the duplicates have been found, you can choose to Auto Mark the best copies to retain. If not, you'll have to review them manually, which is where the multiple viewing modes come to the rescue. The metadata in the sidebar shows you elemental differences between similars. Or, you could just match duplicates by file name to simplify the process. The final step is to click on "Trash Marked", which sends all auto or manually marked photos to the Recycle Bin.

Note that the bin needs to be emptied before the images are truly deleted. The reason why we put it in our list is that a lot of people would install the app due to massive adversting across the website, even include some famous ones to let you believe it is a pretty good app.

Photosweeper 3 review: Sorts out the image duplicates in your Mac’s media libraries and folders

The truth is that MacKeeper is widely thought to be some kind of malware, and in many ways it behaves like it. Unfortunately, that's due to the overly aggressive marketing techniques used by the German company that acquired Zeobit, the original development company. But there really is a very fine line between MacKeeper and the average malware because of auto-downloads , fear-oriented advertising and the fact that it's notoriously hard to get rid of MacKeeper once you install even the trial version. That being said, the software does have its good points, albeit overshadowed by negative reviews and genuine inconveniences.

How to Use MacKeeper: If you can get past all the noise, the software has six major and six minor modules for optimizing your Mac. The duplicate finder is one of the major functions, and is quite simple to use. You just select the "Duplicates Finder" option on the left panel, then select the media or file type from the tabs at the top, and hit "Scan". After a while, all the files identified as duplicates are listed in the main window.

You now have a choice of removing them or relocating them to another folder. You can also preview them individually before choosing an action. There are no complex settings to mess around with, but the software itself is an aggressive piece of code that distributes support files all over your system. That's one of the reasons it is considered to be malware rather than a genuine software utility.

We've listed the cons below, but even if you're willing to handle that, we don't recommend installing this application. It does more harm than good in the end, and it's a headache you can certainly do without. It is not hard to find an app dedicated to duplicate file removal. The challenge is how to find the best on among a long list. You might also read other candidates from other blog posts but it is really not recommended trying them out one by one.

So don't wast your time on it. Just download and install the ones you like. You will definitely like one of those bascause it is well crafted list from a great list of amazing apps for Mac. She has a big love for all things tech and covered tech for over 8 years. Now she is exploring wearable tech, phones, and future tech trends. You can catch her on FB, Twitter.

How to Remove Junk Files on Mac. How to Remove Apps from Mac. Best Mac Cleaning App in Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac. Home Products. Why is My Mac Duplicating Files? CleanGeeker 2: Gemini 2 3. Tidy Up 5.

PhotoSweeper Best for Photo 6. Clean hidden junk files and app caches to free up more storage. Uninstall third-party apps that can't be deleted by normal means. Permanently delete priviate information and files from Mac. Disable backgound apps auto-starting at the login. It classifies the duplicates into seven different categories such as Music, Videos, Archives, Packages and more.

Part 2. How to Manually Sifting Through Your Photos?

Download Cisdem Duplicate Finder. Purchase Cisdem Duplicate Finder Here. In our list of best duplicate file remover for Mac the next is, Mac Clean which is a nifty tool that helps you in locating and removing duplicate files of your Mac. You can even apply a bunch of filters to refine your search criteria according to type, such as songs, pictures, etc. Disk Drill is one powerful duplicate file remover tool which takes care of all the shadow copies of your system within the blink of your eye.

One of the most important features of this tool is file recovery which allows you to recover files which you accidentally delete. You can restore all erased files in a jiffy while the software scans all your system drives. All sorts of deleted pictures, music and files can be recovered easily with Disk Drill.

Gemini 2 is one easy to use duplicate file finders for your Mac. It uses fast scanning algorithm to delete duplicate files in Mac. The app lets you preview files before you remove them just like other tools and supports more than 10 languages.


It is another in the list of best duplicate file remover software for Mac. Duplicate Detective has a Robust Search Engine that compares the documents and looks for the copies. Be it photographs, recordings, sound documents or any file organizer, Duplicate Detective can find any imitations. We came across another photo duplicate finder for Mac that we think is worth recommending. This tool can find duplicate as well as similar photos on Mac.

In addition to allowing users to find duplicates in Photos or iPhoto library, it also supports external storage devices. PhotoSweeper moves duplicate photos to the Trash where you can permanently delete or restore them.

Fast and accurate scan Real-time scanning results Built-in preview feature Scan iPhoto or Photos library. We also recommend you backup your photos to an external drive, Dropbox, iCloud or other storage services you prefer. Above all, finding an excellent photos duplicate cleaner is very important if you want to save time and energy. A good duplicate picture finder allows you effortlessly find and delete those annoying duplicate and similar photos. From the comparison above, we can tell that Cisdem Duplicate Finder is the best solution if we want to get rid of duplicate photos and other types of files.

This duplicate photo finder Mac has the highest cost-performance, does more and better than other duplicate photo cleaners. Give the best duplicate photo finder a try, delete the duplicate photos on your Mac with ease and get rid of unwanted files.


Make more room for your new pictures! I hope this article of the best duplicate photo finder Mac will help you with how to delete duplicate photos on Mac. Welcome to share your thoughts and opinions on this article. Which duplicate picture finder you are using on Mac? The best Mac data Recovery software to recover deleted or lost data from Mac and other storage devices.

Top 5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac: Delete Duplicate Photos in Minutes!

Learn More. Zip and unzip files on Mac, including: Nowadays, the best of us have the habits of taking many photos to remind us of impressive moments. You may have stored many beautiful or funny pictures on SD card, but you mistakenly deleted them one day. Well, don't be panic!

Do you really know what is iPhoto Library Manager? What you can do with the help of iPhoto Library Manger? Is it safe for you to use? Here is the complete guide on using iPhoto Library Manager for Mac users. Cisdem duplicate photo finder really helped me deleted duplicate photos in minutes. Hi, valentine, some of these duplicate photo finders listed in this article are not free, you need to buy a license before deleting.

Free trial version only allows you to find duplicates. Hey, Rosa Reyes! Nice name, where are you from? I am Venezuelan. Thank you a lot for this post! Most apps did not help me, but the free one kind of did. It is nice to find such in-depth review of these apps, because right now I have a 10,items Finder Folder, and I am pretty sure every two of them are duplicates. I tried these duplicate photo cleaner, but one of them couldn't help me find duplicates. They really worked, thanks.

Manually finding all duplicate photos costs me much time, but a duplicate photo cleaner makes it very easy, thank all software developers! Hi, Isaiah, Cisdem DuplicateFinder can find and remove duplicate files from virtually any storage devices like internal Mac hard drives, external hard drives, cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. I've tried a lot of duplicate photo finders over the years, but i never found a perfect duplicate photo finder which could satisfy all my needs, but i will keep trying. Thanks for sharing these duplicate photo cleaner for me to try.

Excellent, I tried all the duplicate photo cleaner, but Cisdem Duplicate Finder worked best, I would buy it because I can use it to find and remove all duplicate files including photos, thanks. All rights reserved. Privacy Sitemap. Delete Duplicate Photos in Minutes! Problems You May Come Across When Using Duplicate Photo Finder There are many software apps designed for finding duplicate photos, and you may experience a few problems when using some photo duplicate finders on Mac or other platforms.

Your duplicate or similar duplicate photos and images, especially the deep hidden ones, may not really be scanned or found. Some photo duplicate finder Mac tools may automatically delete or remove duplicate photos that are useful. Some photo duplicate cleaners do not have explanation of the duplicate-finding modes they use, and they just find some duplicate pictures by filename, which is not enough for users to find what they want.

Some photo duplicate finders for Mac are not user-friendly.