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Ask Question. I also do not care about boot screen Thanks in advance.

Mac Pro Graphics what cards work the facts

Allan The ones specific to the 5,1 are: Allan Allan I currently have a Quadro K in my Mac Pro. Hoenes B. But, as mentioned You really can't calibrate 2 monitors on the same card? Is Apple nuts?

Multiple graphics cards in 2008 Mac Pro

How can someone effectively use two 30" displays with the x if you can't calibrate both monitors?! It's not really Apple's fault - it's just the nature of the beast. When you calibrate one screen, you're altering the card's LUT look up table , which enables calibration. When you alter it for one screen, it will also affect the other. That said, it may be the X XT has separate LUTs for each video port which would take care of the issue , but I don't know if that's the case. Even if not, it's not that big of a deal as most people only need one color critical screen.

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Maybe one day I'll have 3 30" monitors and it will be useful Thanks for the advice. The X definitely has seperate color control for each output.

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Brian Peat Brian Peat. I can change profiles on my Dell 20" connected to port 2 on my X and it does not in ANY way change the colors on my Apple 20" connected to port 1. I can pick any profile and nothing changes visually on the other screen. If what you're saying is true, wouldn't I see the Apple screen change color when I change the Dell? So no. But apparently, the x has 2 LUTs on it one for each port. Did Mavericks solve that? My main concern Hello all. I would like to install 2x cards to do a BruceX test I am waiting for 2x power cable splitters. I notice in my istat menu results GFX-cards.

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Mac Pros 09 Jan The best approach will be to use tpayton's method to install one in slot 1 the bottommost slot that accommodates a double width PCIe card , and the second in Slot 4. This will use the two fastest PCIe lane combinations x16 in slot1 and x8 in slot 4 , and allow for increased ventilation, as well as leaving slots 2 and 3 open for other add-on cards. The only drawback here is the loss of Drive Bays 3 and 4 to make room for the double width on the top in PCIe slot 4. Unfortunately only Slots 1 and 2 can run at full speed and and use x16 lanes of the PCIe bus.

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  • In the model the top two x4 slots are further reduced to PCIe revision 1 speeds. This unfortunately reduces ventilation and blocks PCie slot 3. Many people however have run two GPUs stacked close together in this configuration without overheating problems so it doesn't seem to be a major issue. Is that right? Which GPU which slot would you use for the monitors and which for GPU work if the monitor load was moderate but continuous while the GPU work was intermittent but with intense peaks? Exactly correct.

    Installing 2nd Graphics card to Mac Pro

    Since the only requires one 6 pin power connector, you can indeed power two of them simultaneously with no risk of overdrawing the power supply. It's pretty straight forward, here is a link to a video tutorial someone made for putting a single into their mac pro: Adding a second card works the same way, make sure to insert it into slot 2, directly above the bottommost double width slot 1.

    The bottom two slots should have a small label next to them on the motherboard that reads "x16" Just make sure you connect the power cable and you should be all set. As for which card to plug in your displays, I'm not sure it matters, as long as you make sure all displays are on the same card. I personally would go with the lower GPU in slot 1 for the displays but that's based purely on "gut" feeling.

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    Good luck! This was on the BruceX topic also but I thought I would include it here: Installing 2 Radeon s in MacPro 1,1 The second will go in slot 4, it will run at 8x speed opposed to 16x on slot 1, but that is the best you can do on the MacPro.. You'll need to remove any drives from position 3 and 4. After you seat the card, slip the thumb screw card holder thingie I don't want to get too technical under the slot 4 bracket.

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    • The card will still be seated fine, just raised up a little. Here is the cards without the thumb screw card holder thingie: Mac Pros 10 Jan Hmmm, more hacking. They are a bit more expensive than a , just wondering if it would make sense?