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Samsung Blu Ray Mac Address. Existing questions. Related Questions Magnavox blu-ray player problem? Blu-Ray Players - Magnavox? More questions. How do i connect my magnavox blu ray player to get netflix? Answer Questions Brand new onn ona16av portable dvd player won t work.

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Magnavox MBP5320F Owner's Manual: Setups; Network Connection

The screen blinks blue on then off. Nothing seems to work? I have 5 Klipsch 8 ohm speakers and a large Klipsch powered sub-woofer. What size receiver do I need.? DVD player worked for 2 years and now we only gets sound no picture. All connections are good.? What outdoor speaker can you recommend for outdoor tvs?


Impedance is ohm. Apr Just for reference, if you set the IP address manually, it needs to be out of the range of the ones that get assigned automatically. Usually be default Linksys assigns IP address between. Setting an IP address manually in that range could cause another computer to lose its connection, although It could be something else that is causing that. I would recommend setting the Blu-ray player up manually. Top contributor. DVD collection: Everything in my home network has a manual IP address.

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I live in an urban environment and at any time there are networks available around me. I've recently changed wireless AP's for one of my laptops since my old Linksys was losing its connection to the wireless network a lot. I am now running a D-Link and all connection problems are gone.

How old is your wireless AP? Mine was circa and the last firmware update available for it was That sucks that you have to turn off broadcasting, we don't have any other wireless networks in our area of course I still have mine password protected. You should consider trying DD-WRT, I guess if you already got a new AP then no need, but it might be fun to just try out, especially if you might be interested in some features that aren't included with the standard home routers.

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but when I went to start a thread for this, it told me I didn't have permission to start a new thread, since I was new.

Here is what I tried to post: Forgive my intrusion on this forum, but my googling has pointed me here. I have been having difficulty connecting it to the wireless network, and tech support has been less than helpful. Here is the issue Whenever I use a device like my laptop or ipad, when I launch an internet browser, it immediately prompts me for a username and password so I can access the network.

Obviously, there is no internet browser to launch on the blu ray player. So, what happens is, when the blu ray searches for a wireless network, it finds mine, says it's unsecured, says it's connected, but then when I try to launch netflix or vudu, for that matter it says it isn't connected and can't launch the application.

Given my current set up, is there any way at all I could get the blu ray connected to the wireless network? Are there any options available? Is there any way around this issue? Thanks for any help you can provide!! All times are GMT.

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Setups; Network Connection - Magnavox MBPF Owner's Manual [Page 38]

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