Change login background mac os x lion

Please refer to those if you are looking to customize the login wallpaper in the latest versions of OS X. As such, this tweak is not for the fainthearted because it involves editing system files and will therefore affect all users of the system. You can replace it with a similar pattern of the same size x pixels or use a full-size image the exact same resolution as your monitor.

Note that because the white text and graphics of the login screen are overlaid on the wallpaper, darker wallpapers tend to work better than light ones. If you find the wallpaper pattern shrunk and repeated across the login screen rather than filling it, try using an image editor to create a new image of the same resolution as your screen that is, x , for example , and then open your wallpaper image before copying and pasting it into the new image.

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How To Change Login Background on macOS Mojave/High Sierra/Sierra/El Capitan?

Or you can just use a nice little App called Lion Designer, and save yourself the technical hassle. It works! Get your screen resolution from Displays control panel and resize an image to exactly that. Use Login Switcher work from Is there a way to hide the Apple logo? Also, we need to find a way to do this with out having to have the resolution of the image match that of the display.

A little more research and I found out that the image needs to be 72dpi. For Photoshop users open the image then save it using the web settings and set to PNG It will then convert your image to 72dpi but keep the size. This did not work for me i dont know if is because am on OSX And it looks like they featured an article not but a few days ago. You will be a happier person and your Mac will love you for it!

Hope this helps! Download Page: Download Loginox and it simplifies the whole thing.

How to Replace the Login Screen Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

It can even get rid of the Apple logo if you want. How do you get rid of the hazy overlay? Any ideas? I followed the steps precisely. No change. Who is the system finding the old file that is now not even in the System directory tree?


If that original pattern image file is now totally missing, how is it still filling the screen? Obviously, there is a second grey burlap pattern file in the system… but where? Hoi folks I am running into a problem and hope sb. Does anyone has a solution on hand? Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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Change the Login Screen Wallpaper in OS X Lion

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How To Customise Your Mac OS X Lion Lock Screen

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