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Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow. Phone battery will drain faster though. Phone will automatically restart. The phone will automatically restart.


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If you forgot wallet code for Nokia S60 phone, use this code reset: Phone will ask you the lock code. Default lock code is: Unlock service provider: Insert sim, turn phone on and press vol up-arrow keys for 3 seconds, should say pin code. Improper use or installation of this software may harm the device you are installing it into, or the device you are using it with.

By accepting the License Agreement deliverd together with this software you also agree to use this software at your own risk and accept that Nokia assumes no liability and does not provide any warranties, support or services related to the software. October 23, - Hardware supported: Linux and Windows versions of Flasher For other than Debian based Linux distributions also compressed tar file is provided.

Installation of Maemo Flasher Notice that older Maemo devices like Nokia and older Maemo platform releases may require a specific Flasher Tool. For Nokia N and N with Diablo image flashing mode can be enabled by 1. Turn off Maemo device and do not use charger 2. Attach USB cable on your Maemo device and computer 3. Turn off Maemo device 2. Press and hold down key 'u' 3. When USB cable gets connected it powers Maemo device and set's it to flashing mode 5. When USB icon appears on right upper corner Maemo device is in flashing mode 6. You can release key 'u' You will see USB image in the upper right hand corner of the screen if you did this correctly.

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Maemo device will wait for Flasher If flashing is tried without setting Maemo device first into flashing mode image flashing may fail because Maemo device may not be able to change to the flashing mode automatically. Make sure that device battery is fully charged before doing any sort of flashing operation because flashing will fail if battery runs out of power during image flashing operation and device may not be able to charge empty battery after failure in flashing.

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You may also need to have administrator permissions or run command with sudo in Linux. The USB ports in the back of a computer may also work better than using those in the front.

Really good and fine job. I will accept this as an answer in 10 minutes, as soon as the systems lets me do. I will keep this info in my records - it may be really useful. To be honest, for the moment I noticed the procedure was a bit too complicated and, for the fear of damaging my system, I decided to switch to an old Windows Vista computer. These descriptions assume that you are using the latest official images. This page is not exactly a step-by-step instruction, so better read the whole page prior to starting the flashing process.

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While talking about flashing, there are exactly two distinct processes and related files also called images frequently mentioned:. Flashing the rootfs on your N will reset the device's linux system back to factory settings, meaning all additional applications will vanish, and some configuration details e. LED patterns are reset to the original configuration, with the exception of the lock code; if you have already set a custom lock code, it will remain intact, instead of reverting to the default "".

Your external memory microSD , will also be unaffected.

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It is strongly advised you regularly use the Backup application to create backups of your settings and data to a safe storage. You will want to configure the Backup application in such a way it stores the backups to your microSD card - alternatively when creating manual backup of MyDocs as suggested below, backups stored to default location "N" will be included and thus safe. When using Backup application to restore from some backup, you can select which of the above listed groups of data shall be restored. For Application List you even can select on a per-application granularity, i. When flashing the eMMC, all user-created content on MyDocs "N" must also be backed up manually to an external location in order to be preserved i.

All of it. Make sure you backup all your data before upgrading. For Windows, Mac or Linux you can use flasher This page contains all installation packages include documentation for using the flasher. There are other, probably timing, reasons causing occasional "unable to enumerate USB".

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Immediately issue the flasher command again, up-arrow usually helps fetching last command to re-issue it. There are two methods for flashing the device on OS X, using the GUI, with the Flasher application or using the console, much like the Linux flashing method. These steps cover flashing the device with OS X using the Terminal. This is the more difficult than using Flasher , but gives you access to the advanced options flasher Some users may encounter problems due to varying causes. The Nokia Software Updater can now be used when updating from a previous firmware to a new one or re-flashing.

This method is fully compatible with bit versions of Windows; bit users may encounter problems. There is a workaround that is reported working though at talk. Make sure you have downloaded the actual corresponding file.

The latest PR1. The flash will take approximately minutes after which the N will reboot and display the Welcome Screen with Regional settings. After booting, you may use the backup utility to restore your settings. According to this post, Windows driver signing can cause problems. You either need to turn on the loading of unsigned drivers or boot your computer to whole another OS. There are a few workarounds:. Once this message appears, run inf-wizard.