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I've done both of those. Or it used to be Star Lake and now — whatever it is. I call it Post-Gazette Pavilion. And it's just like this huge lawn, where if anyone big came through, that's where they go. Like Wayne. Yeah, I mean, the fans definitely all were there for both of us. It was crazy. We got a little bit to go, but who knows. You never know. But I mean, it was an amazing feeling just because that's a venue that I don't think I ever even dreamed of — like I never even saw that as possible.

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What did you think was going to be like the peak? Where were you going to max out? And why? I also — at the same time I also got kind of spoiled. Because when I first came out, there was this thing in Boston called the Boston Urban Music Festival that they don't do anymore because I'll tell you in a second. And it's a free show that they did at City Hall in Boston. And this is when I was doing shows that were like , cap. So it was like — whatever. I went to do it. The record for the most people that had ever gone there was like 25, or something, and we had 25, people there four hours before I went on stage.

By the time I hit the stage it was 60, people. And they had to shut — the police department — down. They had to shut the public transportation — there were people standing in garages. And we didn't even have a tour team. It was just me and a couple of my friends. I didn't have security. So like, we literally were just five dudes, 60, people. My homie that was selling merch at the time literally had to run through the crowd holding merch. So where'd I think I would max out? After that, I was hoping to maybe — I don't know — hit the Garden.

But no. I don't know. I mean Because, I mean, I just — this is before — this is when I had like just put out K. So I was touring but nothing to that capacity. But the mayor actually wrote me a letter, saying like, "We'll never do that again. I wrote back like, "I'm down for the House Of Blues.

I think every level you get to seems like the top, you know? You're like, "Oh, I'm here. Man, maybe one day I'll get there, but I'll never get here. Nothing ever ceases to amaze me. I don't think I've ever came out to a show, whether it be people or 60, and not — I've never not been blown away by people's reaction to the music.

It's always like, "Whoa. Then it's like, "Awww. I wanted to ask you — I wanted to ask you and Ali about that, little bit about like having people like you so much. And then having to deal with people surprising you with their like and their want to talk to you. Well, I've also — let me also just add that I've had both sides. Or like perform for ten people that were just the rapper's friends that were on the stage. But, at first Performing 60, people, that's easy. The energy's already there. They're already doing most of the work.


Mac Miller – Inertia

All you gotta do is not forget the words — and feed them energy too. But performing for two people who are just trying to get a drink and don't even know why there's someone performing is like — that's really — it's like performing at like a sweet 16 birthday party. It's not fun. It's awkward. I don't know what it is. Maybe because you're more vulnerable.

You're not on a pedestal at that point.

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever (2xLP - Gatefold + Download Card + Silkscreened D-Side)

You're like — it would be like if I did a whole set in here right now. You know what I mean? We're just all sitting here. So when you're masked by 60, people, you're not even real. You're just a presence. But with ten people, after you get off stage, they can just go grab a drink with you after. And they're not trying to do this at all. There's no hands up-and-down. It's all like — I just did a show like that in Aspen at Belly Up, where it's like a bunch of people sitting down having a drink. And when you're playing music — like if I was with a jazz band, it's different, because you're just performing.

But doing a hip-hop show for that, it's about movement and getting people to almost have religious experience. So people just sitting there having a drink, you're kind of like, "Uh. This doesn't — you guys aren't, like, dancing? I just had that experience even DJing recently. And I think — I kind of wrote about it on Tribe's 25th anniversary, the official day.

And I felt like, "Why am I here? Cause am I connecting? First of all, I gotta set it up. It's a hotel lounge, so already the vibe is already — the come-dance-with-me vibe is nonexistent. So that went against me, and then it was just an off night, I guess. I'm finding Thursday nights in L. Maybe I'm not doing enough on the promotion side. But anyway, there weren't many people there and I was like, "Why am I playing? What's going on? I need to connect. I got a look over, so I was like, "Oh, somebody's half-listening. Doing DJ Sets is like — is difficult to me.

Cause you have to find that happy medium of playing what the crowd wants and what you want. Like, I had this little party for my album, and two nights I did DJ sets. The first night I'm just playing songs I wanted to listen to. I'm like, "I just dropped my album tonight. Let me just play songs I want to listen to. And my girlfriend actually came up to me and was like, "What are you doing?

It's a good Pharrell song. It's a classic. I'm just playing my songs. You're not moving them. Play 'Feeling Myself. I don't take requests. And of course all the girls in the crowd are like, "Oh! So, I guess that's that happy medium. I guess we both have our struggles. Do you ever find yourself — after performing 60, people and going back to your hometown where I'm sure you're well-received and loved, do you find that in more of an intimate setting — cause you mentioned a moment ago — that are you the type of person where you can just comfortably, like if we were in a room right now, just perform and maybe not necessarily to perform but the joy of just like Yeah, I mean, I can create, right.

If there's music — I like to make music whenever, and I could sit and perform. I think it's just different when it's like — it's just like the setting and the vibe that you're catching. I'm a real dude that like — I go off the vibes, very strongly. So if I come out That's why I like smaller crowds because it's just — you could just feel it so — you know what I'm saying? From every single person. They're just sweaty. Everyone's jumping. They had to get the tickets — they had to buy them five minutes after the link was announced.

They're ready. And then I think performing I used to do it all the time, people that had no idea who — or didn't care. And I used to get off on that. Where it's like to convert people. But then you get spoiled. How about — OK. So let's tie this in a little bit. You have the new album, GO: OD AM. You're performing it for the first time. People might have heard or may not be familiar. How does that feel? Well, you change — I think you change the performance.

Mac Miller - Senior Skip Day

Cause there's two — to me, there's two ways to do it. You either hit it from an energy standpoint where all you're trying to do is create energy. You want to people to jump around. You want people to put their hands in the air. You want people to not think. You want to people to just like lose their minds. And then say I come out and people don't know the records and they're less likely to do what I just said.


So you switch gears to you want them to hear what you're saying then. It's like, "OK. If you don't know these songs, then I want to give you a good experience with the songs. Let me dial back and have what I'm saying stand out front, and how I'm saying it.

Less than like just pure, unadulterated energy. Well, let's see. I had one show, but I ended up performing the album like three times off of just intoxication. Cause I had two nights previous, where there were like parties to celebrate the album. And I would have a couple whiskeys and be like, "I'll perform.

Who cares? I would be like, "I want to do the song. Let's do it.

Best Day Ever

So you find, yeah, people don't know them as well. But I think with this album people have caught on faster. Like, " Grandkids" people know. But then a song like "Perfect Circle," which is a more of an album cut, they don't know as well.

But I mean I personally am good. I like performing these songs just because they're still fresh for me. So I'll take performing "Perfect Circle" to people sitting there watching over performing "Donald Trump" to a bunch of people jumping just because I've done that so many times.

I would say that it's something that — from what I understand, it's — a person can't — you couldn't, with your free hand, take a pencil and draw a perfect circle. It's impossible to do. Isn't it? See, this is like one of those trick question type of things. Unless you are tracing it. So you say in there, "Heaven is a mile away and hell is much closer. I think it's like the idea of — the idea almost that we're taught by religion or all that is that to get to heaven, to get up here, is so much work, but it's so easy to fall into, like, "a negative life.

So in the song, who are you trying to wake up?

Perfect Circle / God Speed - Mac Miller - VAGALUME

And what is work? And why do we have to get up to work? So, the end of that song is — so we were at the studio, and — do you want the actual recording or the meaning first? You know, I think it's almost like you're waking yourself up. You're deciding — cause to me that mood, that place, that imaginary place, it's like the dream world.

You ever read that book? So to me, that was a place that I feel like I was in. My brother actually dubbed me that. That's how I see you. That's where it goes. Why that's the transition into that is because it's that moment where you wake up and you go just back to work, which is just reality.

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