How to reformat mac air 2012

Deep Scan will rebuild the files based on information it finds on the disk and functions even when metadata or a backup copy of the file cannot be found, this is especially useful after a Mac OS factory reset has been performed. The lost partition search is used to find partitions which have been deleted or removed after reformatting restoring your computer to factory settings.

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You can run a lost partition search to scan your disk for partitions which have been removed and may still be recoverable. Disk Drill can still recover files even if your Mac was repartitioned after a factory reset. The Basic edition of Disk Drill allows you to preview and verify which data can be recovered at no charge.

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You can run a scan at no charge to detect which files can be found by our powerful software before upgrading to the Pro edition for unlimited file recovery. Disk Drill features an intuitive preview option which allows you to preview found files and verify their contents. Hundreds of file types are supported by Disk Drill including popular types of files such as music, videos, word documents, emails stored locally and ZIP archives.

Menu Disk Drill. Common Reason for Restoring Mac to Factory Settings There are quite a few common reasons to restore your Mac to factory settings, the most common is due to issues with the file system.

How to Restore a Mac to Its Factory Settings

If you had Disk Drill installed prior to the factory reset with Recovery Vault enabled your chances of recovering files will be greatly increased. Even if you have never heard of Disk Drill before, we can still help! November 19, author: KJT, I have done some checking, and nobody I know has ever heard of Apple sending an e-mail asking you to sell your old computer. They do offer a recycling program:.

How to : Factory Reset / Hard Reset Your MacBook Pro & Air (Easiest Method)

I would not try to sell to anyone who is soliciting via e-mail, no matter how convinced you are that it is Apple who is asking. Yes, I purchased a new computer from apple online, and the next day I got an email from apple for the applecare, one for the One to One, and one from Recycle your Apple computer that looks exactly like the other emails. It walks me through a short web questionnaire where I answer various questions about the computer and at the end it give me a price if indeed all the information I provided is true, offers me if I want a check or an Apple gift card, and what I do if indeed I do want to go ahead with their offer.

The only area they talked about was making sure that all locks were taken off or unlocked it did not even mention that the HD needed to be erased and the OS put back on the machine, but I really would feel much better if I erased the HD. I think they know that I purchased the MBP from them, they know that it was not that long ago and most likely is still in pretty good condition, since I did not use the applecare over the 3 year period hardly at all.


How to Reset Your Mac to Factory Settings

But as I said they are the ones who make the final decision. I just found it interesting that they leave very little instructions about what they want me to do to the HD before I send it in to them after they send me all the packaging. My question was what I would need to follow to wipe out the entire HD and anything else. Being a novice at this stuff, I do not have any idea what I would need to wipe clean, if it is only the HD, but now that you are skeptical I doubt you will give me any additional advice.

That is cool, we all are skeptical at various times in out lives. It sounds like this e-mail may have simply been a generic message from Apple advertising the availability of their recycling program. If so, and if the link takes you to an apple. I have a 5 month old iMac Mid originally purchased in July new that I bought that I am not thrilled with, and am planning to sell to a friend.

How to prepare your Mac for sale

I would like to erase the hard drive to make it like it was when it was new. What do I have to do?

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I know about erasing the drive in the system utility, but is the restore software on the hard drive, or do I need the discs? It is running Os X Thank you for your help.

If you never installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4

Search for: How to prepare your Mac for sale Published November 10th, at 4: Deauthorize The first thing you need to do, as the seller, is deauthorize the computer from any systems that only allow you to use a certain number of machines and track which ones you are using. Back up your data Next, you must, of course, make good backups of the data on your computer. Erase the hard drive Once you have decided what system to include, how you proceed depends on the system.

Install the system Once the erase is finished, quit Disk Utility and proceed with reinstalling the system. Pack the box Finally, keep in mind that you need to include any physical Mac OS X install discs in the box when you ship it to the buyer. November 12, at 2: Thomas says: November 12, at 6: Someone says: November 12, at 7: November 12, at 8: November 13, at 1: This combination makes sure that the installation isn't associated with your Apple ID, which is important if you're selling or giving away your Mac.

Shift-Option-Command-R isn't available.

The Safe Mac ยป How to prepare your Mac for sale

Learn more How to upgrade to the latest Mac operating system How to create a bootable installer for macOS. Published Date: Fri Nov 30 Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities.