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Mac - How to Create a DMG File from a CD/DVD

A few notes before we begin: Another revolution in data backup is the idea of backing up 'to the cloud' - with the prevalence of broadband Internet access, and the plethora of options for online storage, many companies offer solutions to online backup that were only dreamt of back in the late nineties. A question often asked on the Apple Discussion boards and by my fellow Mac users is: I would recommend getting a drive with at least 2x the amount of space on your internal drive so that you could two or three backups in case you need a file from a while back that was deleted before your previous backup.

Every user has needs a different backup schedule. The standard is a complete backup every other month, with smaller backups of only documents and settings which change more often every week.

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This is what I recommend, as it is pretty much the easiest way. The files that are more important to backup i.

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There are also a few stored in the Library folder on the root level of your hard drive. For incremental backups, I just copy my whole Home folder a few files won't copy, though to back up everything in there it will also backup any files on your desktop.

Install OS X Lion Using a Bootable DVD

If you are having problems with this method of backing up using Disk Utility, there is an alternative that seems to be more consistent: Thanks, Niel! There are also many other great programs for backing up your computer, or certain files and folders on your computer; check out Dantz Retrospect , iPodBackup , or look at MacUpdate's selection of Backup utilities. And there is no better time to back up your stuff than now, with all the on-going threates, such as conficker.

Besides, there are companies out there that will do it for free usually up to 2 gb -Jack. Quite true, Jack! I am thinking of including a few more bits of information in the article, since it's approaching the decade-old mark.

Backup Strategy for Mac OS X Using Disk Utility, Carbon Copy Cloner, etc.

Online backups and Time Machine integration are two very nice ways to round out a solid backup plan. Thanks for sharing! Here is a similar guide about Disk Utility for this topic: Hope to help you.

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  • A Bootable Copy of the OS X Lion Installer Allows You to Perform a Clean Install.
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Here's a repost from another forum from someone named 'implicit' which seems to detail well the necessary process: Yes, your drive needs special formatting. When you do this, you lose everything that is on your USB drive now. Open your Disk Utility, and click on your USB drive the manufacturer's info line, and not the line with the name of the partition , and click on the Partition tab. Click the Options button at the bottom of that window.

Install OS X Lion Using a Bootable DVD

Click OK Click on the Volume Scheme, and choose 1 partition from the drop-down list or another choice if you think you need more than 1 partition. But, you must change the type of partition, as listed above, or the installer ignores the USB drive. Good luck!

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Thanks for that information! When Apple announced that OS X Lion would only be available through the Mac App Store, many people worried about the lack of a restore disc, which can be useful if, for instance, your hard drive fails. While Lion being on the Mac App Store certainly has its benefits, many people still desire a physical backup, and more importantly, a restore medium for Lion that could be used in the event of a major software or hardware failure. Sure, you could go to the Apple store or an AASP, but you can save a lot of time and money by making a backup medium yourself.

The process is pretty simple, and although these instructions revolve around the developer preview, the process should according to our source remain identical for the July public release of OS X Lion. The app also works with OS X Lion.

How to do a clean install of OSX mountain lion from a DVD.

Drag and drop the " InstallESD. This should make it appear in the Source box on the right.

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If not, you may have to click the " Restore " tab as seen below. If you need help using your disk to restore your Mac, Apple has a helpful page in its Support section. When following these instructions we got a persistent error message when restoring the boot image to the USB partition, "Restore Failure Could not restore — Invalid argument". However it appears that this has no effect on the restore, and the USB is usable afterwards.

Yes, you can ignore this error.