How to do sub numbers on mac

If this is something you do regularly, this suggestion , might help.

Numbers for Mac: Raise and lower characters and text in a Numbers spreadsheet

I think it's creating a style that can be easily selected and applied to text. Thank you so much, Slydude!! You're welcome. Thanks for letting us know that this works. I went looking for an answer to this because I thought that surely Mail had this feature built-in.

Turns out Charlie was right as usual. Naw, you're just getting smarter by the day Mail 5. By avalanche in forum macOS - Apps and Games.

How to Type Subscripts on a Mac

The Special Character route is not always a viable option. It basically allows you to insert the superscript or subscript version of a character using the corresponding Unicode form if it exists. Really, the only viable option I can think of at this point which is what I had posted earlier is to format the message in TextEdit, then copy and paste in Outlook. Skip to main content.

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Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. Jim Created on July 7, Please tell me how to make a superscript or subscript in Outlook for Mac.

How To Type Superscript Characters Using Your Keyboard

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