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This represents a really excellent price performance, and note that— a 3. Display info: Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Top deals pages Wishlist pages Search for deals Test Machine Configurations Page 2: Power Usage Watts Page 3: Lightroom Import Page 9: I just pulled the trigger on a new Mac Pro late model. I configured my system for a digital photography workflow, and thought I'd share my thoughts on rationale behind the options I choose. Want the short version?

Buy the 6-core model, load it up with the most RAM you can afford, worry about the other stuff later. Current wait times buying directly through Apple are weeks.

Anytime you purchase gear through any of my affiliate links, it also helps me out to pay for my RackSpace hosting, and it doesn't cost you a cent more. Why purchase the new Mac Pro over a loaded iMac? For me, the decision is all about flexibility. Sure, you get a fantastic display thrown in, but sacrifice a large degree of flexibility as well. Factor in the relative ease of upgrading, expanded connectivity and wider range of configurations, and and the Mac Pro seemed like a no brainer.

Even though the fastest iMacs are incredibly capable machines that match and can even exceed the Mac Pro in terms of performance for digital still photography, this is a paradigm that is going to shift more dramatically in the next few years as software shifts to take advantage of multiple cores and GPUs.

Dell Alienware Alpha R2 v Apple Mac Pro 2013 - Compute - Davinci Resolve - Adobe Benchmarks

Configuring a Mac Pro is not necessarily a straightforward task, at least when one is customizing the machine specifically for a digital photography workflow. Arguably, the new late Mac Pro is a beast most ready to be thrown into video editing and post-production, where the software of the field is capable of utilizing the talents of this new machine chiefly, its multi-core processing.

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I went with the 6-core option. For photography using programs like Adobe Lightroom , which can leverage multi-core processors effectively, the 6-core option balances processing power, additional processors, and cost most reasonably given the total cost of the system. The relatively minor premium over the base 4-core option simply makes sense. While the stated clock speed is 3.

2013 Mac Pro: Photoshop CC Performance (diglloydSpeed1, diglloydMedium)

As such, this 6-core option seems like the natural sweet spot — giving up nothing in terms of speed for single-core use while leveraging the benefit of additional cores when needed. In contrast to the 8-core options, the price jump becomes more substantial relative to the total cost of the system, making it a less attractive price. Need expert advice? We are here to help!

Cylinder Mac Pro Performance:

Please fill out the form below to have a technician contact you. Apple Mac Pro Customized for: Photo and Design Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom. Apple Photos.

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Component Recommendations Processor For many other industries, having the maximum number of cores is ideal. To reassure this hypothesis, we found another resource that has concluded the following Puget Systems: Photoshop does not work well with multiple physical CPUs Most actions in Photoshop are either single threaded or lightly threaded. Multi-threaded actions hit a point of diminishing returns after around 6 CPU cores, and most completely stop improving after 8 CPU cores.

RAM Since 6-cores is sufficient for Photoshop, more of the budget can go towards more memory. Storage With the falling costs associated with SSDs, we almost always recommend using an SSD for the primary drive that will host your OS, Photoshop itself, and any active projects you are working on. Tower and Cylinder Comparison Tower Advantages Ability to add more hard drives and solid-state drives.