Example of unicast mac address

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If this bit is 0, it shall indicate that the address field contains an individual address. If this bit is 1, it shall indicate that the address field contains a group address that identifies none, one or more, or all of the stations connected to the LAN. In the Source Address field, the first bit is reserved and set to 0. The second bit shall be used to distinguish between locally or globally administered addresses. For globally administered or U, universal addresses, the bit is set to 0.


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If an address is to be assigned locally, this bit shall be set to 1. Note that for the broadcast address, this bit is also a 1. When you convert the first byte of your address bb into binary, you get If you use aa , you get where the last bit is 0 , making this an individual unicast MAC-Address. This means one of the following addresses:.

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MAC address

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This means one of the following addresses: XX X6: XX XA: XX XE: XX You can use any hex value you want for X. Sebastian Sebastian 5, 2 22 Good answer, except, your initial bit diagram of the MAC address is inaccurate.

Understanding Unicast Multicast Broadcast

All LANs e. Ethernet and IP networks support the unicast transfer mode, and most users are familiar with the standard unicast applications e. Broadcast is the term used to describe communication where a piece of information is sent from one point to all other points.

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In this case there is just one sender, but the information is sent to all connected receivers. Broadcast transmission is supported on most LANs e. Ethernet , and may be used to send the same message to all computers on the LAN e.

Network layer protocols such as IPv4 also support a form of broadcast that allows the same packet to be sent to every system in a logical network in IPv4 this consists of the IP network ID and an all 1's host number. Multicast is the term used to describe communication where a piece of information is sent from one or more points to a set of other points.

Unicast, multicast, and broadcast addresses

In this case there is may be one or more senders, and the information is distributed to a set of receivers theer may be no receivers, or any other number of receivers. One example of an application which may use multicast is a video server sending out networked TV channels. Simultaneous delivery of high quality video to each of a large number of delivery platforms will exhaust the capability of even a high bandwidth network with a powerful video clip server.

This poses a major salability issue for applications which required sustained high bandwidth. One way to significantly ease scaling to larger groups of clients is to employ multicast networking.

Multicasting is the networking technique of delivering the same packet simultaneously to a group of clients. IP multicast provides dynamic many-to-many connectivity between a set of senders at least 1 and a group of receivers. The format of IP multicast packets is identical to that of unicast packets and is distinguished only by the use of a special class of destination address class D IPv4 address which denotes a specific multicast group.

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